3 Elegant French Presses For the Caffeinated Gentlemen

best french press coffee maker
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* For coffee fanatics who never sacrifice style 
* Sleek, stainless steel French presses
* A great gift for the sophisticated coffee lover in your life 

Why does coffee brewed in a French press taste so much better than when made in those electric coffee makers? It’s because traditional coffee filters used in the machines absorb the oils in your delicious coffee grounds and since French presses steep in hot water instead of soaking up through the paper, the coffee is more robust and full-bodied.

For the coffee connoisseurs who want to ensure every cup is as good as the last, we recommend three products here that don’t sacrifice aesthetics for quality. Whether you love a sweet and creamy coffee beverage or a gentle and low-acidic coffee—it’s all about how you brew.

For a killer cup of Joe, steep coffee for at least five minutes in your French press. You should taste the notes and flavors intended from your favorite bag of beans.

1.Black Stainless Steel Coffee Press Maker

Belwares’ matte black French press is a serious upgrade from that bulky electric coffee maker dripping and buzzing in the corner of your kitchen. With its seamless design crafted from sturdy stainless steel and a vacuum layered, double wall construction, your coffee stays hotter for longer.

The design includes a multi-screen capture with tight seals to ensure coffee grounds never get into your freshly poured cup. Available in 34 and 50 oz. sizes, depending on your addiction. 

Black Stainless Steel Coffee Press Maker Courtesy of Amazon

2. Large French Press Coffee Maker 

“This huge capacity kit is vacuum-layered and double-filtered for flavor fuller than a centipede’s sock drawer and a piping-hot brew for longer.” We are loving this brand’s description of their popular French press and they have the proof to back up their statements, with over 2,000 reviews on Amazon and 83% of reviewers giving it a five-star rating.

The professional-grade press features a cool tough handle to protect your hands from heat and the spring-loaded, double-screen filters brew a perfect cup of Joe. They say that their stainless steel design is made with a 304 steel that is 33% thicker than competitor’s, therefore keeping coffee hotter for up to 60 minutes.

The Coffee Gator French press also comes in silver, green, orange, and pink for every caffeinated personality type.

French Press Coffee Maker Courtesy of Amazon


3. AmoVee French Press Coffee Maker 

We had to include this shiny little number from Amovee. With a mirror-finish stainless steel design, it looks stellar in a modern kitchen or you can bring it to the office to have fresh coffee on the daily—and show off your style a bit. Their 304 stainless steel ensures this press will stand the test of time and the integrated plunger to press coffee down filters out grounds, crafting a full-bodied brew. This set somes with an espresso spoon and extra filter screen. 

AMOVEE French Press Coffee Maker  Courtesy of Amazon

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