SPY Guide: The 5 Best Gifts For Wine Lovers

5 Best Gift Ideas For Wine
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Whether you’re always looking for new ways to show off your love of wine or are looking to find a unique gift for that certain oenophile in your life, these sophisticated and whimsical accessories will impress wine lovers and connoisseurs of all levels.

1. KOVOT Tilted Wine Glass Set

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For those who love drinking wine equally as much as they love artistically designed glassware, these tilted wine glasses are a winning item. The unique swaying shape of the glass stems offers an eye-catching (and head-turning) optical illusion that will impress your guests with their interesting shape. Alternatively, these tilted glasses can be used to perform sly pranks on unassuming guests who’ve had a couple too many. Let your guests do a double take with these beautifully designed wine glasses.

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2. Brookstone Automatic Electronic Wine Opener

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Never make the irreversible mistake of corking your bottle of wine ever again. This sleek device takes the risk and effort out of opening a tight cork with ease. The battery-powered device is capable of opening up to 150 bottles of wine before having to change the batteries. This effortless device works on both natural and synthetic corks.

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3. RSVP Endurance Stemless Wine Glass Set

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For all of the prosecco and chilled white wine lovers, meet your new favorite wine glasses. These stemless, industrial-styled glasses are constructed from stainless steel. While your standard wine glasses are seemingly meant to break (especially after a glass or two) these durable glasses are not only meant to last, but they also keep your wine chilled while you sip.

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4. Sugarfina Rosé Gummy Bears

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Rosé is unofficially summer’s beverage of choice. How can you possibly go wrong with the the pretty pink sparkling wine that looks just as delicious as it tastes. Celebrate with these delicious Rosé-flavored gummy bear for an adult version of the delicious candy staple. Imported from Germany, these tasty pink treats are actually infused with Rosé wise, offering a sweet yet realistic flavor.

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5. Wine Enthusiast’s Champagne Cork Side Table

Image courtesy of Wine Enthusiast

Now for the real test of your level of wine affection: would you display this impressively realistically rendered wine cork accent table in your home? We thought so. This eclectic piece of home decor is crafted from fine quality Portuguese cork and designed after a “Grand Vin de Champagne” cork, and even includes the written branding found on a standard-sized cork. Take your love of sparkling wine to heights with this home decor piece.

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