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Furtive Flasks: 10 Perfect Vessels for Bootleg Booze Trafficking

* Check out these low-key beverage containers that won’t attract attention
* The latest in sleight of hand drinking
* Great party favors or gifts for bachelor/bachelorette weekends

While they’re definitely useful for when you want to keep the party on the DL, these 10 low-key flasks make great “gag” gifts, too. Enjoy smuggling your booze or turn the discreet flask’s function on its head and ostentatiously drink out of a “sunscreen tube,” your hairbrush, or a hilarious fake smartphone. There’s even a stainless steel bracelet with a discreet spigot and packing 3 oz worth of capacity, enough for about a stiff double shot of your favorite vodka.

1. The Ice Pack Hidden Secret Booze Flask

This pair of ice pack-styled 14-oz flasks is a great way to crack open a cold one with the boys. A must for situations where you and your liquor have to keep it cool, the Ice Pack flasks make a great party gag too.


2. Double-Sided Binoculars Flask

The Double-Sided Binoculars Flask may not be the smallest liquor smuggling accessory on the market, but it makes up for its bulk with sheer chutzpah. Comedy is definitely in sight when you show up swilling whiskey from this faux-birdwatching gear.


3. GoPong Hidden Lotion Flask

The GoPong Hidden Lotion Flask lets you sneak booze in the guise of innocent Aloe Vera body lotion and “skin enhancing moisturizer.” What’s more, the fake lotion bottles feature wonderfully nostalgic 90s labels.

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4. Sport Bottle Sunscreen Flask

The GoPong Sport bottle is a fake sunscreen bottle that can be filled with your choice of summer beverage, because the outdoors is much more bearable with a drink or two. Just be careful not to mix it up with your actual sunscreen.


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5. Binocktails Bev Brush

This hollowed out hairbrush is just the right size for some discreet hair-of-the-dog. In a 6-oz size, it’s a natural fit for green room pre-gaming and backstage shenanigans.


6. Flask Scarf

The flask scarf is a lightweight jersey infinity scarf with a scintillating secret; this breezy piece of outerwear conceals an 8-oz liquor flask and even sports a hidden nozzle so you can drink out of it while wearing it.


7. Idrink Smartphone Flask

The Idrink Smartphone Flask fits in your pocket just like an iPhone, takes up less space than an iPhone 6 or 7 Plus, and, unlike those smartphones, it can fit 4.5oz of your favorite fun beverage.


8. Bracelet Bangle Flask

This Bracelet Bangle Flask puts a decidedly vintage spin on the idea of “wearable tech.” A low-key way of holding a stiff 3 oz shot, this accessory shines when it comes to discreet drinking.


9. Wine Rack

The aptly named Wine Rack is a long-awaited combination of a wine bag and a padded bra. When full, it holds 25-oz, or enough wine to get you through even the most interminable brunch situation.


10. Drinksbag Cosmopolitan Bag

Pour form your purse with this booze bearing shoulder bag. Crafted from easy-to-clean leatherette and outfitted with an insulated interior to keep your drink cold, it allows you to conveniently refill through the secret spigot.

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