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Daily Deal: This Oil Less Fryer Will Upgrade Your Whole Kitchen For $68

* This oil less fryer is heavily discounted today
* Cook fried foods that are healthier than restaurants
* Upgrade your kitchen for just $68

This oil less fryer might be the easiest (and most affordable) way to upgrade your whole kitchen.

The best-selling fryer from Big Boss regularly goes for $100, but today Amazon is offering it for just $67.99. This is a decent markdown for the fryer, but also a very good deal for kitchen equipment in general.

Although fried foods are affordable to make and universally loved, many people don’t cook them in their own kitchen. This is mainly because: a) most people don’t have a fryer, and b) fried foods are typically unhealthy. The Big Boss fryer solves both of these problems by offering an affordable fryer that makes healthier fried foods via an oil-less cooking method.

The Big Boss features three different cooking modes: halogen, convection and infrared heat. This allows you to cook everything from french fries and fried chicken to fish and dried fruit. In fact, some reviewers say they’ve started using their Big Boss over their traditional oven for everyday cooking. It also includes two trays for cooking multiple foods at the same time (such as veggies and meat), and cooks from frozen, eliminating the hassle of defrosting and thawing.

The easy-to-use device has multiple temperature settings and food icons so you can easily tell what temperature different foods need to cook at. The Big Boss is one of the most popular fryers on Amazon with almost 1600 reviews.