3 Top-Rated Indoor Grills For Charbroiled Flavor Without The Smoke

smokeless indoor grill
Smokeless indoor grill
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* Flavor without the smoke (or fire, technically)
* Top rated indoor grilling devices
* Versatile, space saving, infrared heating kitchen wonders

So you want a ticket to flavorville (or, you know, flavor-town, if that’s your preference) without having to board the smoke express? Or what if you want to cook up authentic char-grilled taste but live in the city, in an apartment or anywhere you don’t have a big yard open to the wild blue yonder? You know, a place where no neighbors will complain if you cook over a real wood fire, just like the Denisovans used to fifty thousand years ago, and the Homo heidelbergensis half a million years before them. Well, we Homo sapiens may not have invented fire, or grilling, but we are the first species to create smokeless indoor grills, so there’s that. Here are 3 of the top-rated indoor grills for the charbroiled flavor without the look of “rolling coal.”

1. Hamilton Beach Electric Grill

This electric searing grill from Hamilton Beach fits 4-6 servings of grilling into a compact, portable form. It’s easy to clean yet has enough volume to let the juices breathe and give that smoky flavor.

hamilton beach indoor grill Courtesy Amazon

2. Simple Living Indoor Grill

An open top indoor design, this smokeless grill boasts a constant temp mode up to 446 degrees and smoke free grilling thanks to infrared technology.

simple living infrared grill Courtesy Amazon

3. Secura Electric Reversible Grill

A grill and griddle in one, this indoor electric range offers about 180 square inches of cooking space, making it versatile enough for fish filet, corn, bell peppers, brisket, hash and even breakfast favorites like pancakes and scrambles.

secura grill Courtesy Amazon

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