Give Your Cooking Space an Upgrade With a New Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen Faucet
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Kitchens are the most expensive room in the home to upgrade. Cupboards, flooring, electrical wiring, water lines, countertops and appliances all add up to big renovation bucks. But if you are looking for an area to save money, a new kitchen faucet can give your kitchen a facelift without breaking the bank. Easy to install and available in several design options with innovative features, kitchen faucets offer a simple way to improve the look and functionality of a room where you spend much of your free time.

The number of kitchen faucets available can feel overwhelming, which is why it’s good to make a list of your criteria before beginning your search. Budget, design and clearance space are all important factors to take into account. If you have limited room between your sink and the backsplash, a slimmer, more streamlined design will be a better fit. If you have older family members living in your home, a faucet with a traditional two-handle design may be more appropriate than one with motion activation.

Installing a kitchen faucet can seem daunting and while hiring a handyman or plumber is always an option, there are many useful tutorials to help walk homeowners through what can be a simple and straightforward project. Installing the faucet yourself is also a great way to cut down on costs.

Whether you are an avid cooker or prefer heating up takeout, kitchen faucets get a lot of use. Check out our top picks below and find a kitchen faucet that not only works well for your needs but is also beautiful to look at.


1. Moen Adler One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet


Moen’s faucet has a simple design, but it features everything you could need in a modern kitchen. The spout has a high arc that makes it easier to get dishes and your hands in the sink. Plus, the spout is attached by a self-retracting hose, adding extra help while you’re doing dishes or filling pots and kettles. Plus, the faucet head has two spraying modes to handle different kitchen tasks.

kitchen faucet Image Courtesy of Amazon

2. WEWE Single-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet


For a faucet that is affordable, includes several useful features, and most importantly for casual DIYers, is easy to install, we recommend the WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet. Applicable for one- or three-hole installations, the WEWE can get to work helping to clean dishes in under 30 minutes thanks to its preinstalled design. The faucet features a three-way spray that includes stream, spray and pause functions. A single hand control lets users easily adjust the temperature and the faucet has a 360-degree radius and a retractable head that makes it convenient to fill up pots and sinks. The faucet can be installed with or without the base plate and the handle can be placed on either the right or left side of the unit.

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Kohler  Kitchen Sink Faucet


From toilets to tubs, Kohler is known for taking everyday essentials and elevating them. This kitchen sink faucet is sure to add a stylish touch to any kitchen. It also comes with a matching soap dispenser. There are multiple modes, so you can easily toggle between a single stream and a showerhead spray. The hose-style spout magnetically docks into the stand, making it easy to quickly pull out while you’re busy in the kitchen. It’s available in matte black, chrome, stainless steel or brass.

kitchen faucet Image Courtesy of Home Depot

4. Delta Faucet Windemere Kitchen Sink Faucet


Single handle faucets are popular, but they can be frankly kind of finicky to use. Delta’s Windemere faucet is a classic two-handle design, so it’s easy to set your temperature and pressure exactly how you want it. It’s available in a chrome finish, but you can also choose oiled bronze or stainless steel. The faucet spout is tall enough to accommodate larger dishes in the sink, and the spout can be rotated 360 degrees. Plus, the faucet also includes a side sprayer for cleaning messes or filling pots.

kitchen faucet Image Courtesy of Amazon



5. Moen Arbor Motionsense Pulldown Kitchen Faucet


Moen’s Arbor faucet is quite similar to its Adler faucet, save for a key detail. This faucet has two motion sensors, so you can easily turn it on without touching the handle. Handling raw meat? Turn on the faucet using the motion sensor to prevent cross-contamination. The touchless faucet has two sensors; one at the top and one at the bottom of the spout. The spout also has a self-retracting hose, and you can choose between different spray settings.

kitchen faucet Image Courtesy of Amazon

6. Delta Junction Pull Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet


Delta’s Junction faucet has a strikingly modern look, thanks to its matte black finish and unique angular design. It has a single handle and a pull-down design to easily fill pots or rinse larger items. The spout docks in the neck using a secure and convenient magnetic dock. The spot-resistant finish also protects the faucet from smudges from fingers.

kitchen faucet Image Courtesy of Wayfair

7. EZ-FLO Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Out Side Sprayer


The kitchen faucet market has become saturated with one-handle designs, but if you are looking for a more traditional, two-handle option, we have a great recommendation. The EZ-FLO Kitchen Faucet with a Pull-Out Side Sprayer still has the added convenience of a retractable sprayer that many of the one-handed faucets on our list include, but with the more classic design of the two-handle water control. The faucet has a 180-degree swivel for added convenience and is sold with and without the sprayer. A ceramic disc cartridge provides durability and protects against future drips, helping to extend the lifespan of the faucet. Designed for four-hole installation or three-hole with the deck mount, the EZ-Flo is affordable, easy to install, and ideal for users who aren’t quite ready to make the switch to the one-handle design.

EZ-FLO Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Out Side Sprayer Image courtesy of Amazon

8. Edison Pull-Down Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet by Vigo


What do movies and TV shows about cutting edge chefs all have in common? Typically, lots of swearing and beautiful-looking food, but they also have cool kitchens. Get your space ready for its close-up with the industrial-looking Edison Pull Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Deck Plate by Vigo. The stunning faucet will become the focal point of any kitchen thanks to its modern construction. Not only does it look great, but it also has all the features a top chef needs, including a fully rotating swivel spout, a 30-inch pulldown extension for a greater range of water flow, and a 90-degree-forward handle rotation that makes it a faucet that can be installed even in tight spaces. The beautifully designed Edison has a seven-layer rust-resistant finish and a ceramic disc cartridge to help create a long-lasting staple for your kitchen.

Edison Pull Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Deck Plate by Vigo Image courtesy of Wayfair


9. Modern Deck Mount Dual-Joint Kitchen Faucet by Zenvida


Another stylish option is the Modern Deck Mount Dual Joint Kitchen Faucet by Zenvida. Designed like a pot-filler faucet that typically resides over a stove, the Modern Deck is a fully functioning sink faucet that adds a contemporary and futuristic element of design while still providing excellent functionality. The 12-inch high faucet has two 360-degree swivel joints that make it convenient for users to fill a pot sitting on the counter or in the sink. Ideal for small kitchens, the faucet has a space-saving foldaway design and is finished with a brushed nickel aesthetic that is stain-resistant.

Modern Deck Mount Dual Joint Kitchen Faucet by Zenvida Image courtesy of Wayfair

10. Motion-Activated Kitchen Faucet by Flow


A motion-activated faucet seems like an unnecessary feature until the next time you try to wash your hands that are covered in flour, eggs, or have just handled raw chicken. Suddenly, the ability to turn on your faucet without touching anything means germs no longer have a handle haven. The Motion Activated Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet by Flow offers both manual and hands-free options for turning the water on and off. A smart auto-off program will shut the water off after running for three minutes, meaning you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving your faucet on. No hardwiring is required, which makes for easy installation and means customers won’t lose the motion activation feature even during power outages. Available in five finishes, the Flow has all the advantages of a regular one-handle faucet, including a retractable sprayer and a secure docking magnet, but with the added advantage of hands-free activation.

Motion Activated Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet by Flow Image courtesy of Home Depot

11. Delta Talbott Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet


For a faucet that will last for years and won’t lose its strong docking abilities even with extensive use, we recommend the Delta Talbott Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet. An industry leader, Delta uses the MagnaTite Docking system, which features a powerful integrated magnet that snaps the spray wand of the faucet back in place every time and provides a secure hold until the next use. Delta also uses Diamond Seal technology to prevent drips and leaks, helping to extend the lifespan of its faucets. The Talbott has a concentrated stream for removing messes and features a shield to help cut down on accidental spray. We also like that the faucet has soft, rubberized spray holes that are easy to clean and won’t become blocked by a buildup of calcium and dirt.

Delta Talbott Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Image courtesy of Home Depot

12. Essie Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet by Moen


For an easy-to-install faucet that works with just about any sink, provides a powerful spray, is designed to last for years and looks great, we recommend the Essie Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet by Moen. The Essie boasts 50% more power than almost any other pull-down faucet by Moen, an industry leader. The pulldown faucet is easy to maneuver and has a strong reflex magnet that securely returns it to its base when not in use. Appropriate for installing in one-, two-, three- or four-hole sink configurations, the Essie features a Duralock quick connect system for a straightforward and fast installation process. The functional spray wand includes three options, including a stream, spray and pause and we also like that customers can add a matching soap dispenser. The Essie has a spot-resist finish which means at least one item in your kitchen will look clean at the end of a meal.

Essie Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet by Moen Image courtesy of Home Depot

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