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Wooden Wares: The 5 Best Bamboo Kitchen Organizers For Straightforward Storage

* Being organized is an attractive quality and saves time
* These kitchen organizers are easily installed into your existing set up
* Add a touch of class by upgrading from those cheap plastic options

Organizing your kitchen may not be top of your to-do list. But we’re here to convince you it should be. Think about it, organizing your kitchen is a multi-layered task. Of course, the obvious result is an organized kitchen, but this has knock-on effects like saving space and time when you’re cooking or searching for a kitchen utensil. In addition, being organized is a great way to impress your friends, family and potential new suitors. It shows you have domestic tasks under control. As you can see, organizing your kitchen is far more than just keeping a few forks in the same place.

If you’re ready to get started making your kitchen look more handsome, these organizers are ideal for the job. Sure, you could just buy a load of cheap, plastic organizers, but plastic doesn’t add thoughtful design to your kitchen. Each of the options on our list is made from high-quality bamboo for functionality and beauty. Whether you need in-drawer or countertop storage options, there’s a bamboo organizer to fulfill your needs.

1. Seville Classics 5-Piece Bamboo Storage Box Set

Brought to you by Seville Classics, a home design company with an emphasis on storage and organization, the

has a multitude of uses. It can act as a drawer organizer or simply a beautiful way to clean up the clutter on your kitchen counters. Each order includes five durable bamboo boxes in a variety of sizes, from extra large (10.5 inches by seven inches) to extra small (four inches by four inches). With these finishing touches in your kitchen, you’ll wonder why you ever had ugly plastic organizers around in the first place.

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2. Bellmaine Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer

We’re pretty sure everyone has a junk drawer hiding somewhere in their kitchen. No matter what you call it, this is a drawer that’s jammed full of stationary or kitchen utensils. Sometimes you can’t even get it open because there is just too much stuff inside. The only way to make heads and tails of this draw is to invest in an organizer, and this

is a good choice. It can change size depending on your drawers and has either six or eight compartments depending on its orientation.

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3. Noble Home & Chef In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block

Forget traditional countertop knife blocks and free up some counter space with the

. In addition, by organizing your drawers using a bamboo block, you prevent cuts from knives thrown haphazardly in a drawer. This block holds up to 12 knives and fits in 99% of standard kitchen drawers. As an added bonus, this organizer is made from eco-friendly, high-grade moso bamboo to prevent chips and splinters.

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4. Lipper International 3-Tier Corner Kitchen Shelf

Not all bamboo organizers belong in drawers. This gorgeous

can be kept out in the open for all to see. It’s great for storing small kitchen appliances or dishes you want on your counter. However, this shelf can also be used to add extra storage within your cabinets. The piece is about ten inches tall and requires only minimal assembly.

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5. Bambusi Bamboo Drawer Dividers

With over 1,000 5-star reviews and an impressive 90% of users awarding it top marks, the

are without doubt the most popular bamboo option for organizing your kitchen drawers. The organizers are spring loaded to make installation quick and simple. They fit inside drawers between 22 to 17 ⅜ inches and sit at a height of two and three-quarters inches. In addition to kitchen organization, these high-quality dividers can be used in the lounge, bedroom or bathroom, too.

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