We Bet You Haven’t See Kitchen Sinks Like These Before

Best Kitchen Sinks
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Single bowl or “farmhouse” kitchen sinks are a great addition to any kitchen as they are comprised of a single, spacious bowl that can accommodate your largest dishes and cookware.  Your oversized baking sheets, skillets and other large pieces will fit into the sink, allowing you to give them the best, hassle-free clean.

Whether you fancy granite, copper or good old stainless steel, your sink options, colors and stylings are plentiful. With the Diamond Blanco, you have two installation options – you can choose to install it as a kitchen undermount or drop-in kitchen sink. It is also made of hard-to-scratch granite and features an offset drain location which increases your workspace area as well as the storage space underneath.

In addition to contemporary stylings and effortless care, these sinks have some technologically savvy options as well. Custom made bottom grids keep food and dishes off the sink, making rinsing debris effortless. Meanwhile, the Kraus sink is enhanced with soundproofing technology that absorbs vibration and minimizes noise when the sink is in use for an overall quieter kitchen experience.


1. Sinkology Courbet Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The Sinkology Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is a 30-inch apron front, solid pure copper sink that comes with hassle-free installation and effortless care. This sink not only makes a statement in any kitchen, but its everyday functionality will also make your life easier. It comes with a custom made bottom grid to make rinsing debris effortless, hand finished sink drains and a lifetime warranty.

PROS: This sink comes with a handy Sidekick Sponge Assistant which makes it easy to keep your dish-washing accessories off your sink bottom and countertops.

CONS: Copper can be a very temperamental color and hard to care for.

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2. Blanco Diamond Granite Kitchen Sink

Blanco’s Diamond Granite Sink is a single bowl that features classic styling. This large, spacious sink has an offset drain location which increases your workspace area as well as the storage space underneath. You can choose to install this kitchen sink as an undermount or drop-in and its granite composition is designed with a hard surface to resist scratches and chips.

PROS: Along with its durability, the smooth, non-porous surface resists staining from all household acids as well as coffee, tea and even red wine.

CONS: The sink drain only comes with the ring, no drain.

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3. Kraus Standart Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

The Kraus Standart Sink is part of their PRO Series and features a clean contemporary design and wear-resistant finish. This sink is made from extra-tough stainless steel for exceptional resistance to corrosion and rust remaining sturdy, durable and long-lasting. A protective undercoating prevents condensation build-up that can damage kitchen cabinets and it’s engineered for complete drainage with a sloped bottom that prevents standing water inside the bowl.

PROS: This sink comes with Kraus’ exclusive NoiseDefend soundproofing technology which absorbs vibration and minimizes noise when the sink is in use.

CONS: Some users found the stainless steel scratches easily.

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