Replace Your Smelly Bin With One of These Super Sleek Kitchen Trash Cans

best kitchen trash can
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When it comes to designing your kitchen, there are some fundamentals which take precedence. Your oven, stove and refrigerator are almost certainly at the top of your priority list. This makes sense as you use these appliances regularly and see them every day, so they should function well and look amazing. Yet the same parameters apply to your kitchen trash can, which is one necessity people rarely seek out.

  • Size – If you choose a trash can that’s too small, you might end up changing out the bag every day. If you choose one which is too big, it’s likely to start smelling before it’s ready to be emptied. Consider the number of people in your household, food consumption, and any other unique factors which may affect the necessary size of trash can for your kitchen. 
  • Lid – There are many trash can lid styles to choose from. The main three options are open-top, swing, and flip. Flip lids are often considered the most hygienic as they can be controlled by a pedal, avoiding the need for hand contact when opening the can or placing the garbage inside. 
  • Pedal – Pedal trash cans have become a very popular option due to benefits related to both practicality and hygiene. While they help to avoid direct contact with the trash can or the garbage housed inside, they also make it possible to add additional trash without requiring an extra pair of hands. 
  • Appearance – There are plenty of well-designed trash cans available which can be matched to your kitchen decor. However, if you want to avoid it being seen at all, then you could go for an in-cupboard trash can, which sidesteps the aesthetic element. 

Below we have rounded up the 20 of the best kitchen trash cans available online. We’ve included options to suit all kitchen sizes and styles. Sprucing up your kitchen with a new trash can improves its appearance and your level of hygiene, too.


1. simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can


Stylish, sleek and functional are the words that come to mind when describing the simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can. It may be a premium-price option, but that’s more than made up for in the trash can’s quality construction and design. From the smart internal hinge which prevents the lid from scraping nearby walls, to the liner rim which both secures and hides the liner, the designers of this trash can really thought of everything. It comes in two beautiful stainless-steel finishes, and the large capacity makes it more than capable of dealing with large households. There’s also a silent-close lid to ensure you won’t be annoying or waking anyone up with a clang as it closes. Furthermore, the strong, wide steel pedal has been engineered to last up to 150,000 steps, ensuring you’ll get plenty of use from this stylish trash can.

In short, this may just be the best kitchen trash can ever designed. If the Semi-Round Step can is too large for your cramped apartment, the 45L Step Kitchen Trash Can has the same features in a more compact design. simplehuman also makes smart trash cans with motion-sensor lids, but we prefer the simpler step cans.

best kitchen trash cans simple human Image courtesy of Amazon

Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can



2. Umbra Grand Swing Top Trash Can


The Umbra 086711-040 Grand Swing Top Trash Can has a cylinder body and dome-shaped lid which resembles everyone’s favorite droid from Star Wars, R2-D2. It measures 13 by 26 inches and is constructed from highly durable polypropylene, making it suitable for both home or commercial use. The domed top features a swing lid to allow for easier access to the trash can when your hands are full. Plus, the all-black exterior and friendly price tag make this kitchen trash can an attractive option for both its appearance and cost.

best kitchen trash can umbra Image courtesy of Amazon

Umbra Grand Swing Top Trash Can



3. Rubbermaid Black Step-On Trash Can


If, like a lot of people, you prefer not to come into contact with the trash can when you’re putting things inside, the Rubbermaid Black Step-On Trash Can could be the right choice for you. The built-in stainless-steel foot pedal provides hands-free operation, while the liner lock feature allows you to secure any kind of trash bag inside. It’s also available in either black or white and is constructed from a rugged plastic which is easy to wipe clean when it gets dirty.

best kitchen trash cans rubbermaid Image courtesy of The Home Depot

Rubbermaid Black Step-On Trash Can



4. Hefty Touch-Lid Trash Can


The Hefty Touch-Lid Trash Can is a stylish and functional trash can that doesn’t cost a pretty penny. This budget-friendly option features a hefty pivot lid that keeps the can closed and prevents unpleasant odors from escaping. The 50-liter capacity is large enough for most households, and it is just the right size for standard 13-gallon trash bags. Furthermore, this trash can is made from a tough plastic which is both durable and lightweight.

hefty touch lid trash can Image courtesy of Amazon

Hefty Touch-Lid Trash Can



5. Tiyafuro Kitchen Compost Bin


You can choose between hanging the Tiyafuro Kitchen Compost Bin on one of your kitchen cupboards, attaching it to the wall, or placing it on the countertop. It has a 2.4-gallon capacity and features an integrated scraper for pulling countertop debris straight into the bin. The compact size and smart design of this trash can make it suitable for use both in the kitchen or the bathroom, especially if you’re looking to install a trash can under the sink.

best kitchen trash can tiyafuro Image courtesy of Amazon

Tiyafuro Kitchen Compost Bin

$26.99 $35.99 25% OFF


6. OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin


If you’re looking for a way to collect your organic waste before dumping it outside on your compost heap, check out this OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin. The conveniently sized bin is ideal for countertop use and includes a flip-up lid for easy filling. Furthermore, the lid seals shut against the inner rim to prevent nasty odors from escaping, while the smooth interior walls help stop organic waste from sticking to the sides. You’ll also find a contoured bottom and rotating handle which help to make the emptying process as pain-free as possible.

best kitchen trash cans oxo compost Image courtesy of Amazon

OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin



7. GLAD Plastic Step Trash Can


Having an odorless kitchen trash can is easy with the GLAD Plastic Step Trash Can. It utilizes odor management technology and CloroxTM antimicrobial protection to prevent the growth of bacteria which can cause bad smells. Furthermore, the integrated bag ring ensures a securely fit liner and hides the excess bag edges.

best kitchen trash can glad gld Image courtesy of Amazon

GLAD Plastic Step Trash Can



8. Umbra Vento Open Top Trash Can


If you find bin pedals annoying, the Umbra Vento Open Top Trash Can could be the right choice for you. Instead of a pedal, this trash can has an open, circular ring top which attaches to the tall cylinder body and holds the liner in place. This bin has a large, 16.5-gallon capacity and is made of highly durable plastic, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use. Plus, the open top helps to stop garbage going anywhere other than inside the liner, unlike some other competing trash can styles.

best kitchen trash can umbra vento Image courtesy of Amazon

Umbra Vento Open Top Trash Can



9. simplehuman Rectangular Kitchen Trash Can


The slim design of the simplehuman Rectangular Kitchen Trash Can makes it a great choice for homes with small kitchens or minimal floor space. It features a pedal to control its opening and closing, as well as an optional child lock to keep wandering fingers and nosy pets away. This slim-style kitchen trash can is made from durable black plastic for a premium quality feel and an equally pleasant appearance. Plus, you can order custom-fit liners which are specifically designed to fit securely inside.

best kitchen trash can simplehuman Image courtesy of Amazon

simplehuman Rectangular Kitchen Trash Can



10. Behrens Galvanized Steel Trash Can


The Behrens Galvanized Steel Trash Can sports a classic appearance which would work beautifully in any kitchen, modern or traditional. It’s made from galvanized steel with an enamel finish. Plus, you can choose between seven different colors to ensure your trash matches your kitchen interiors as best it can. The simple can and lid design gives the bin a lot of versatility and can be used for other tasks like storing dried pet food, recycling, and more.

behrens galvanized steel trash can Image courtesy of Amazon

Behrens Galvanized Steel Trash Can



11. NINESTARS Step-on Trash Can Combo Set


With the additional bathroom-sized trash can, this two-piece NINESTARS Step-on Trash Can Combo Set is ideal for people who need to deal with garbage in multiple rooms. Both trash cans are made from high-grade, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel and feature a sleek, cylindrical design. You’ll also find soft-close technology to prevent unpleasant banging when the lid is closing, along with non-skid materials on each base to keep your trash can in place when you step on the pedal. This set is ideal for use in kitchens, offices, bedrooms, and more.

best kitchen trash cans nine stars combo Image courtesy of Amazon

NINESTARS Step-on Trash Can Combo Set



12. Amazon Basics Trash Can


The Amazon Basics 50-Liter Trash Can has a minimalistic design, allowing it to suit almost any style of kitchen. It features a foot pedal and soft-shut mechanism to control the opening and closing of the single-panel lid. This stylish bin has a stainless-steel construction for greater durability, and a nickel finish to prevent fingerprints or other unwanted smudges from appearing. Plus, this bin has a stay-open mode which makes it easier when it comes to removing the internal plastic bucket or replacing the liner.

amazon basics 50 liter trash can Image courtesy of Amazon

Amazon Basics Trash Can



13. Step N’ Sort 2-Compartment Trash Bin


If you separate your recyclables from non-recyclable trash (which you should!), the Step N’ Sort 2-Compartment Trash Bin provides an easy way to store it separately. With a combined capacity of 60 liters, there’s plenty of space for the garbage of an average family. The two-lid, two-foot pedal and two-compartment trash can effectively work like conjoined single trash cans. Each of the recycled-plastic internal bins can fit 10- or 13-gallon trash bags and sports a handle to make emptying easy.

best kitchen trash cans step n sort Image courtesy of Walmart

Step N' Sort 16 Gallon 2 Compartment Trash and Recycling Bin



14. iTouchless Automatic Trash Can


Another great option for people who would rather avoid coming in contact with the bin lid is the iTouchless Automatic Trash Can. It’s constructed from fingerprint-proof stainless steel and includes a built-in sensor that opens the lid when your hand approaches. When closing the lid, the trash can warns you with a blinking red light, and should your hand still be close by, the lid will remain open for longer. In addition, the 12-inch opening is large enough for most everyday trash items, and you’ll also find a natural carbon filter inside to neutralize unpleasant odors.

best kitchen trash cans itouchless Image courtesy of Amazon

iTouchless Automatic Trash Can

$83.99 $99.00 15% OFF


15. simplehuman Rectangular Trash Can


The simplehuman 45-Liter Rectangular Trash Can is designed for busy homes. The steel opening pedal has been engineered for greater durability, allowing it to last for over 150,000 steps, which works out to be more than 20 openings a day for 20 years. Additionally, a handy spare liner holder is built into the back of the bin so your replacement bags are never far away when it comes to fitting a new liner.

simplehuman 45 liter rectangular Image courtesy of Amazon

simplehuman Rectangular Trash Can



16. TOWNEW Self-Sealing Kitchen Trash Can


If you’re looking for something sent from the future, the TOWNEW Self-Sealing Kitchen Trash Can takes all the hassle out of taking out the trash. As you approach it, the built-in motion sensor opens the lid for easy disposal. Once it’s full, you simply need to press a button, and the advanced self-sealing mechanism prepares the bag for you, meaning you never come in contact with your trash after it leaves your hands. The bagging mechanism can store up to 25 recyclable bags. In addition, this trash can is available in either white or teal.

best kitchen trash cans tow new Image courtesy of Amazon

TOWNEW Self-Sealing Kitchen Trash Can



17. SONGMICS Dual Trash Can


The SONGMICS 16 Gal Dual Trash Can is a popular choice backed by over 4,500 five-star reviews on Amazon. It’s great for separating your recycling from your general waste, as the design includes two identical buckets. Each bucket can be removed and accessed individually thanks to their designated pedals. The trash can also boasts an attractive and stylish design which looks at home in any modern kitchen. Additionally, the tight-sealing lids keep bad odors in and curious pets and young children out.

songmics 60 liter dual trash can Image courtesy of Amazon

SONGMICS Dual Trash Can



18. SensorCan Touchless Kitchen Trash Can


If you live in a warmer climate or regularly throw out organic waste, it’s a great idea to choose a trash can with a built-in odor filter. This SensorCan Touchless Kitchen Trash Can fits that bill and offers a 100% touch-free trash dumping experience to boot. The oval-shaped trash can is constructed from stainless steel for an attractive look and durable feel. The included natural-carbon odor filter fights unpleasant smells and prevents them from leaking into your kitchen. Furthermore, the large 12.75-inch opening means you’ll have no problem when tossing larger items, like milk cartons and pizza boxes.

best kitchen trash cans sensorcan Image courtesy of Amazon

SensorCan Touchless Kitchen Trash Can



19. Kohler 13-Gallon Step Trash Can


The Kohler 13-Gallon Step Trash Can offers the ideal mix of style and function. The stainless-steel construction boasts a fingerprint-proof finish to keep your can looking clean, while the smooth, hands-free operation means you never need to contact the trash can when throwing out waste. The smart hinge design protects your walls from scuffs and scratches, and the raised liner and locking rim make it especially easy to fit any brand of 13-gallon trash bags inside the container. Furthermore, the space-saving rectangular profile fits snugly against walls and in corners, allowing you to make the most of all your kitchen floor space.

best kitchen trash cans kohler Image courtesy of Amazon

Kohler 13-Gallon Step Trash Can



20. Rev-A-Shelf Pull Out Kitchen Cabinet Waste Bin


As we mentioned before, if you don’t want your trash can out in the open, it’s a great idea to hide it inside one of your kitchen cupboards. Not only does this mean you rarely see the garbage can, it also saves on floor space in your kitchen. The Rev-A-Shelf Pull Out Kitchen Cabinet Waste Bin features a double 35-quart system which allows you to easily separate your waste. The cans are mounted on a chrome-plated, wire construction frame which uses ball-bearing fittings to deliver a smooth in and out movement.

best kitchen trash cans revashelf Image courtesy of Amazon

Rev-A-Shelf Pull Out Kitchen Cabinet Waste Bin



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