Bomb Bootleg: The 3 Best Moonshine Liquors You Can Legally Swig

midnight moon moonshine apple pie
Image courtesy of Midnight Moon

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* Real moonshine flavor
* Made using authentic small batch distilling methods
* Get them delivered to your door

You don’t have to run hooch out of a backyard still or swap secret codes with some cagey two-bit characters to get in a “Blind Pig” in order to enjoy swigging some absolutely all-six Moonshine. Here are some of the best modern day moonshine liquors you can swill without risk of nasty business, like getting run-in or going blind from isopropyl poisoning.

1. Ghost Tree Moonshine Original

Ghost Tree Moonshine from Minnesota is a strong, 100-proof white whiskey with a clear, sharp finish and a flavor and aroma profile said to be reminiscent of sweet corn. A great example of genuine country Moonshine, Ghost Tree even comes in a mason jar.

Ghost Tree Moonshine Image Courtesy Drizly


2. Midnight Moon Apple Pie Moonshine

This home-brew flavored blend of Midnight Moon, Apple Juice and Cinnamon Stick ages into a naturally potent 70-proof concoction that tastes just like apple pie. This spirit is as American as the pursuit of happiness or amending the constitution, and you can even find it online.

Midnight Moon Apple Pie Moonshine Image Courtesy Midnight Moon


3. Mad March Hare

For some overseas Moonshine, there’s the traditionally-distilled Mad March Hare Irish Poitin, a smart, clear and highly potent white whiskey with a complex, woodsy aroma and just a hint of sweetness in flavor. Made in Ireland using old world distilling methods dating back to the Romantic era, this whiskey is an international version of Moonshine.

Mad March Hare Poitin All images courtesy of Drizly Image Courtesy Mad March Hare

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