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An Easy to Use Lever Corkscrew Pairs Well With Almost Any Bottle of Wine

Whether you’re opening a new bottle of red to enjoy during a quiet night in or are busy filling your guests’ glasses during your next dinner party, having a reliable and easy to use wine bottle opener saves time, ensures that bottles aren’t ruined by broken corks, and helps you look like a suave sommelier. That’s why when we open our new bottle of white, we use a lever corkscrew to help do the honors.

Lever corkscrews take the guesswork out of opening wine bottles, helping users correctly line up the screw with a cork. Using gravity, momentum and minimal effort, lever corkscrews quickly and efficiently remove corks in one smooth motion that helps reduce the chance of breaking the cork and finding it floating somewhere in your wine bottle. Many lever corkscrews also come with foil cutters either as an add-on or built directly into the bottle opener.

A great holiday or housewarming gift, lever corkscrews are essential for any kitchen, even for those who don’t drink but like to entertain. Check out some of the most user-friendly and durable options below.

1. Brookstone Compact Wine Opener

Open just about any corked bottle of wine in only three seconds using the Brookstone Compact Wine Opener. Using a lever pull design, the Brookstone helps users open a bottle of wine quickly and with relatively little effort. The BPA-free wine opener is made with zinc alloy and steel and can be wiped clean in the case of spills. In addition to the level wine opener, Brookstone also includes an additional carbon steel corkscrew and a wine label cutter.

Pros: The ergonomic handgrip on the Brookestone provides a comfortable and convenient way for users to hold the opener over the bottle while moving the lever to remove the cork.

Cons: Brookstone recommends not using their opener with synthetic corks.

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2. RedNoel Wine Corkscrew Opener Set

Open a wine bottle with one smooth motion using the RedNoel Wine Corkscrew Opener Set. Users can place the lever style corkscrew opener over the top of their wine bottle, pull the lever back to insert it into the cork and push forward to pull the cork out. A rubber layer around the corkscrew provides a secure hold on the bottle. Made from stainless steel, the RedNoel wine opener has a compact design and lightweight finish. Like other openers, the RedNoel also includes a foil cutter.

Pros: A great gift option, the RedNoel set includes the lever wine opener, foil cutter, an extra spiral screw and a matching bottle stopper.

Cons: The RedNoel has a big price tag.

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3. OXO SteeL Vertical Lever Corkscrew

Get everything you need to open your next bottle of red or white with the OXO SteeL Vertical Lever Corkscrew. The smart design of the OXO includes a storage spot built into the corkscrew for the removable foil cutter. Designed to last, the diecast zinc handle and soft, nonslip rubber grip provides a comfortable and convenient way for users to remove corks in seconds. We also like that there’s no fighting with the corkscrew to remove the cork thanks to the simple and smart lever pump that automatically releases the cork once it’s been removed. An extra nonstick screw is also included.

Pros: The OXO works with synthetic corks.

Cons: The foil cutter is not as sharp as other models.

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4. KAYCROWN Professional Zinc Alloy Power Wine Opener

Skip a step and get straight to the wine with the KAYCROWN Professional Zinc Alloy Power Wine Opener. While most wine openers come with an additional foil cutter, the Kaycrown has one built directly into it. Users can simply place the wine opener over the top of the bottle as they normally would with a lever style corkscrew and twist the unit, with the built-in foil cutter quickly and easily removing the foil. Then users simply push down on the lever and pull back to seamlessly remove the cork in seconds. A carbon steel screw makes fast and clean work out of just about any cork.

Pros: The Kaycrown is made from eco-friendly, food-grade stainless steel, zinc alloy, carbon steel, ABS and nylon.

Cons: The lightweight design of the KAYCROWN doesn’t feel as durable as other options.

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