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Keep Your Kitchen Tools in Reach With These Magnetic Knife Racks

It can feel impossible to organize a small kitchen. Limited space can easily turn into clutter without the right storage solutions. And if your drawers are cluttered with serving spoons, spatulas and utensils, there might not be room to store your knives safely.

This is where a magnetic knife rack comes in handy.

Magnetic knife racks are a foolproof organization hack. The rack mounts on the wall, and you stick your metal tools on the magnetic strip. You can keep knives, whisks and other metal items organized and within reach.

While this product is certainly useful in the kitchen, it can also be a practical storage solution in other parts of the house. You can use magnetic knife racks to hold tools and craft supplies as well. Just be sure to keep it out of reach of your kids. The magnets are typically strong, but your little ones can still pull down the tools.

To help you get your home organized, we’ve rounded up some of the best magnetic knife racks available right now.

1. Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder

If you’re looking for a sturdy magnetic rack for your kitchen, office or garage, this product is a great option. You can line the 16-inch magnetic strip with knives and other tools, trusting that it will hold. The stainless steel knife rack comes with all the hardware you need for installation, and you can find specific instructions on the company’s website. This knife rack is subtle on the wall and will match any kitchen decor. It’s also easy to wipe clean and won’t rust.

Pros: Easy to clean and store. Magnets are strong enough to hold large knives.

Cons: Can scratch easily. Directions are only online.

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2. Zulay Wood Magnetic Knife Holder

Zulay’s magnetic knife rack is made of stunning walnut wood. The design serves as a practical organizational tool and decor piece, and the material won’t scratch your knives. The product is just under a foot long, so you can fit your favorite knives on it. It can also work as a stylish jewelry holder as well. Just keep in mind that the installation can be tricky.

Pros: Includes a strong magnet. Wood finish adds to decor.

Cons: Surface can scratch easily. Finish may wear off over time.

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3. Eco Kitchen Magnetic Knife Strip

Eco Kitchen’s knife rack is a major space saver. You can purchase this product in a 12, 18 or 24-inch version, all of which can hang most of your kitchen tools. The double strip system features strong magnets and hooks for storing knives, spoons and spatulas. Be sure to check the measurements carefully before buying and make sure you have the wall space.

Pros: Great for craft supplies too. Easy to install.

Cons: Hooks might be a bit flimsy.

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4. Boker Wooden Magnetic Knife Block

This wooden knife block is an alternative to the traditional knife holder. Rather than sticking your knives on the inside, you display them on the outside with strong magnets. The product is 11.25 inches in height, so it can accommodate even your largest knives. You can purchase this knife block in olive, black and Makassar wood shades. The product has rubber feet, so it won’t slide around.

Pros: Stays in place on the counter. Available in several wood options.

Cons: Can tip over easily. Might not hold a full knife set.

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