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Make Quick Work of Prep Work with the Best Mandoline Slicers

Knife skills are probably the most obvious visual mark of an adept chef, but they’re not the only thing that determines a good cook. Using the right tools so you can work smarter, not harder, is valuable in any field, and cooking is no different. If that means swapping out your blade for something easier to use, then so be it. That’s what makes a mandoline slicer such a great tool. A mandoline slicer is a manual device that relies on a back and forth motion of food over the blade or blades. This allows you to get perfectly uniform cuts, and the best mandoline slicers are also adjustable, so you can vary the thickness of your cuts. This cuts down on prep time compared to a knife.

Mandoline slicers are best for preparing vegetables, and they can be a handy tool if you aren’t the sharpest with a knife. But even if you take pride in your knife skills, a mandoline slicer can save a lot of time when prepping. With the right attachments, a mandoline slicer can also help you get cuts that are all but impossible by hand.

Just because a mandoline slicer makes cutting easier, doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful. Being cautious with a mandoline slicer is necessary, perhaps even more so than with a knife. That’s because while the blade of a knife is pointed away from your working hand, using a mandoline slicer involves moving your hand toward the blades. There are a few steps you can take to safeguard against injury.

Food holders have handles with metal prongs on the bottom, which grip the food. These act as a barrier between your hand and the blades, making for a much safer experience. You can also use cut-resistant gloves, which are just great things to have in the kitchen in general. Thankfully, some of our favorite mandoline slicers come in sets that include gloves, slicing guards, and in some cases, both. There’s even an option that eliminates the need for your hands to go anywhere near the blades.

Our favorite mandoline slicers are adjustable, and they come with a variety of attachments for getting different kinds of cuts. These are the best mandoline slicers to get right now.

1. Mueller Austria Premium Quality V-Pro Multi Blade

If this was the only tool in your kitchen, you could still get a surprising amount done. It comes with the largest number of attachments of any option on this list, allowing you to grate, slice and shred in a variety of shapes. The two knobs on the sides also make this slicer widely adjustable. The sides of the unit are made from sturdy ABS plastic, while the cutting surface is surgical-grade stainless steel. A food holder is included as well, making for more safe usage.

Pros: Five blade options included, plus widely adjustable cutting depth, making this highly versatile. Food-holding slicing guard included.

Cons: Not as many safety features as other options.

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2. Gramercy Kitchen Co. Mandoline Food Slicer

Gramercy specializes in premium kitchen products, which is why the build of this mandoline slicer is all stainless steel save for the handle, knob and protective ends, giving it more durability and a premium look compared to many of the plastic options. This slicer includes a blade guard, a food holder and even protective cut-resistant gloves, making it one of the safest options. The knob on the side is intuitively labeled so you can switch between cutting and julienning, and the durable stainless steel blades ensure clean cuts.

Pros: Steel build gives this slicer a premium look. Includes a variety of safety features like blade guard, food holder and cut-resistant gloves. Folding kickstand for easier storage.

Cons: Some options on this list include alternate blades, but this one doesn’t.

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3. DASH Safe Slice Mandoline

This mandoline slicer from Dash is probably the safest one we’ve ever seen. The blades are hidden inside a chute, and the steep angle of the mandoline slicer means that gravity does most of the work, not your hands. The pump on top moves the blade back and forth for cutting. Since it doesn’t rely on potentially uneven pressure from your hand, this slicer produces more uniform slices.

Pros: Blades are completely concealed, making this the safest option on this list. Despite its tall stature when in use, this unit folds down to a small size for storage.

Cons: Cleaning can be difficult. The chute limits the amount of food you can place in it.

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