Forget Barbecuing, Here’s Why We’re Smoking All Our Meats This Summer

Forget Barbecuing, Here's Why We're Smoking
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If you like your meat smoked, then investing in your own personal smoker means you can perfect your own barbecue recipe and get delicious smoked meat any time of the year for a fraction of the price charged at restaurants.

When it comes to buying your own smoker, there are several factors to consider before making your purchase and putting yourself one step closer to earning the ‘Grill Master’ title on your apron. There are four types of smokers, including an Electric Smoker, Pellet Smoker, Gas Smoker, and Charcoal Smoker. In our list below, we’ve included two Electric Smokers and one Charcoal Smoker. Electric smokers tend to be easier to use and have a smaller learning curve, and they are also safer than traditional smokers. Electric smokers are more conducive to smoking meat year-round, while Charcoal smokers that are made from thin metal are unable to hold heat during cold months.

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John Nicholas
3 years
Wood chips do not heat the smoker! They are heated by the heating element to provide the...

Charcoal smokers have what many consider a more traditional barbecue flavor. We also like Charcoal smokers because of the ability to alter the taste of your food. With Charcoal smokers that use wood chips as their fuel, different varieties can be paired with meats and vegetables to compliment the taste. Mild hickory chips match well with most types of meat, while apple wood is uniquely flavorful when added to pork or chicken. When smoking beef, mesquite chips and their strong smoke flavor make for a great duo, while Alder is ideal when smoking any type of fish.

John Nicholas
3 years
Wood chips do not heat the smoker! They are heated by the heating element to provide the…

When it comes to what to smoke, the possibilities are seemingly endless. While meat, including chicken, turkey, pork, beef, and fish are obvious for smoking, it’s easy to get creative with your smoker. Vegetables, eggs, even desserts like brownies and ice cream (yes – you can smoke ice cream) can make your smoker more versatile and useful.

If your mouth is already watering, then take a look at our three great smoker options below.

1. Masterbuilt Front Controller Electric Smoker

Easily control your 30 inches of smoking space with a remote control that monitors time, internal temperature, light, and meat temperature with the Masterbuilt Front Controller Electric Smoker.

Pros: If you want to have the flavor of smoked foods without the work, we recommend the Masterbuilt Front Controller. With a digital control panel and remote, users can plug the smoker in, set the time and temperature and then simply wait for their food to be ready. Easy enough for beginners to use, the Masterbuilt Front Controller has an impressive capacity, with the ability to smoke 12 whole chickens or two whole turkeys or four racks of ribs at once. With wood chips heating the smokers, users can choose the flavor of chips that pairs best with the meat they’re smoking.

Cons: The Masterbuilt Front Controller does come with wheels, but customers note the smoker should only be moved a short distance. They also report that the meat probe thermometer does sometimes fail, so it’s a good idea to have a second external meat thermometer on hand.

Masterbuilt Front Controller Electric Smoker

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Masterbuilt Front Controller Electric Smoker

2. Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

Used by rib championship barbecue teams, the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker is easy to use and clean and runs on charcoal for an authentic barbecue flavor.

Pros: The Weber is one of the more portable options when it comes to smoking, thanks to its smaller size making it ideal for those who want to be able to easily move their smoker when not in use. The porcelain-enameled lid and bowl are rust and peel proof and the two cooking grates inside provide enough room for two large pork butts. The Weber is a hands-on smoker, with temperature controlled by adjusted the dampers.

Cons: At 14 inches, the Weber is the smallest model on our list and can only accommodate two large items or a handful of small items, but if you’re only smoking items for smaller gatherings, this helps to cut down on fuel cost. Charcoal is added by removing the fuel door while the smoker is in use, which can be hot and tricky.

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

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Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

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3. Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker

Add wood chips without opening the main door and keep the smoke safely inside your smoker with the Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker, which has an integrated thermostat control for smooth and consistent smoking.

Pros: Using four chrome-coated smoking racks and an adjustable air damper for smoke control, the 30-inch Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker has the same capacity as the more expensive Masterbuilt Front Controller Electric Smoker. It also weighs 14 pounds less for easier maneuverability.

Cons: The fully insulated smoker is comparable to our first Masterbuilt, but the main difference is that the Digital Electric Smoker doesn’t have a see-through glass door.

Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker

Image courtesy of Amazon