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The Best Mini Fridges To Stash Your (Small) Stuff

A mini fridge needs to be small in size, but able to fit a good amount of beverages, and be lightweight enough to move easily when needed. Of course, it also needs to be able to keep your drinks and snacks nice and cool. Most mini fridges are used in offices, dorm rooms, man caves, and entertainment rooms, giving you a convenient place to store your lunch, and keeping your beer and soda within arms reach.

These days, there are a number of appliance companies making decent, durable fridges. But finding a mini fridge that works well and is energy-efficient can be challenging.

Fortunately, we’ve made your search a little easier by rounding up the top three mini fridges that efficiently cool drinks, are easy to transport, and don’t use up too much electricity.

1. Cooluli Mini Fridge

The Cooluli Mini Fridge is less than a foot tall and only weighs four pounds. This portable mini fridge comes with AC & DC power cords that can plug into any wall outlet as well a USB adapter which allows you to charge it on the go. This is a portable friendly option to other slightly larger mini fridges, great for taking from home to the office.

This fridge fits six cans of soda comfortably, or a few cans of soda and your lunch container. Don’t underestimate the power of this fridge by its size – its petite space allows for ample cooling and will keep your drinks cold all day.

PROS: Easy to transport and travel with, and has multiple power options

CONS: Doesn’t fit more than six cans

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2. Midea Compact Reversible Door Refrigerator

The Midea Compact Reversible Door Refrigerator comes in two sizes, 1.6 & 2.4 cubic feet, making it an easy fit for even the smallest of places like a dorm room, small studio, or office. Its reversible door can open from left or right, and provides easy access and freedom of placement without worrying about the door not being able to open in a cramped space.

Although compact, this mini fridge has ample storage space with adjustable shelves that can easily fit a 2-liter soda, several canned drinks, and some food. It also keeps produce and beverages nice and cool, ranging between 32 to 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit. It is free standing and doesn’t require any extra equipment for set up – just plug it into your wall outlet and you’re good to go. 

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3. Danby Compact Refrigerator

The Danby Compact Refrigerator comes in a variety of sizes ranging from mini 1.7 cu. ft. to 4.5 c.u ft. It comes with three large, deep middle shelves and an 8-can door storage holder. The shelving units can easily fit two large beer growlers, 1 liter soda bottles, as well as any standard bottle sizes that range from 12 oz. to 22 oz. Aside from fitting a large amount of beverages, the mini fridge maintains a cool even temperature throughout, without having to use any external regulators.

PROS: Can fit, store and cool several beverages all different sizes.

CONS: It weighs 46 pounds, which makes it difficult to move easily.

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