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Waffle Lovers, These Mini Makers Save Space but Serve up the Same Delicious Treats

Waffles are one of the world’s most loved and versatile dishes. The copious amount of approved topping combinations make them adaptable for every mealtime, whether that’s breakfast, dessert or a midday snack. They’re a firm favorite among street food stalls and high-end restaurants alike. They also make a wonderful at-home treat. 

To ensure you’re only serving the best homemade waffles, you’ll want to invest in a mini waffle maker. These devices are easy to use, ideal for kitchens of all sizes and guarantee consistent delivery of the tastiest waffles, cooked to perfection. 

You can whip up waffles in a matter of minutes with a mini waffle maker. Once the dual-sided plates are at the required temperature, most often shown by an indicator light, it’s simply a case of pouring in pre-made batter, closing the lid and letting the waffle maker work its magic.

Opting for a mini waffle maker over a standard-sized one might seem like a silly choice, but really, it makes complete sense. Here are a few reasons why:

  • More Economical – Overall, mini waffle makers cost less than full-size waffle makers. They usually only cater to cooking one waffle at a time, but you will waste less mixture. As the initial cost is less, a couple of extra cooking minutes is surely no big deal. There’s also the reduced energy costs to consider a plus. 
  • Less Storage Space Required – Regardless of how big or small your kitchen is, you’ll have space for a mini waffle maker. Most have been designed with easy storage in mind, and so they can usually be packed away standing flat or upright. 
  • Easier to Clean – A smaller surface area means less cleaning. All of the mini waffle makers featured in this roundup utilize non-stick surfaces which aid in the cleaning process, too.
  • Portion Size – Mini waffle makers encourage a smaller portion size which can have a positive effect on your health. Standard sized waffle makers create multiple waffles each time, whereas most mini waffle makers produce waffles one by one.
  • Multi-Use – Lots of mini waffle makers can also be used to make other culinary delights, such as paninis, hash browns and grilled cheese. 

It’s easy to see that no kitchen is complete without a mini waffle maker. Their compact size, low cost and multiple uses make them a valuable investment for every home.

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We’ve pulled together the eight best mini waffle makers available on Amazon, so you can select the one best suited to your needs. There is a range of shapes and styles included to cater to all preferences.


1. Dash Mini Waffle Maker Gift Set


With over 100,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, the Dash Mini Waffle Maker Gift Set had to be our top pick. Its circular design is available in an array of different colors as well as artsy prints, such as pineapples, rainbows and mini waffles. Inside, you’ll find a four-inch-wide waffle tray that has dual, non-stick surfaces for easy cleaning. A set of four heart-shaped measuring spoons and a cookbook featuring 80 recipes are included with every order. This mini waffle maker set is a dream gift for any kitchen king, whether that’s yourself, your partner or a friend. It also makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for your wife if she’s a waffle lover!

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2. Nostalgia Mini Waffle Maker


Take a trip down memory lane with the Nostalgia Mini Waffle Maker as you rustle up traditional-style waffles. The dual-sided circular baking trays will sandwich your batter for cooking, and the non-stick finish ensures clean and easy removal once ready. Located at the front of the maker are heat-resistant tabs, allowing you to open and close the device while keeping your fingers away from the heat. There’s also a built-in light to show when the plates are ready for waffle making.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Babycakes Mini Waffle Stick Maker


Waffle sticks are a delicious snacking alternative to traditional waffles and can easily be eaten without the aid of a knife or fork. The Babycakes Mini Waffle Stick Maker makes it a doddle to bake waffle sticks and will deliver a consistent batch after the cooking session. Four waffle sticks are produced from every round, and the green outer casing is a great way to add a flash of color to your kitchen. Additionally, for a greater flavor experience, we suggest dipping your waffle sticks in different sauces and toppings. They’re also an ideal dunking tool choice for a chocolate fountain.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Hamilton Beach Compact Waffle Maker


If you’re looking to serve traditional, square waffles, then the stainless steel Hamilton Beach Compact Waffle Maker is the piece of equipment you need. The double waffle irons allow you to cook two gridded slices of “yum” at once, and the non-stick surface helps avoid any struggle when it comes to removing your waffles or post-use cleaning. The device’s smart design with a secure lock makes it safe and easy to store either flat or horizontally to suit your device’s allocated storage space.

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5. Dash Express Waffle Maker


Dash is a USA-based company and the master of waffle makers. Their stylish Express Waffle Maker is available in red, aqua or black and is designed for high-speed cooking and convenient storing. The baking tray is eight inches wide which is one of the largest devices included in our roundup. So if you’re looking for a more substantial waffle serving, then this is the maker for you. However, if you’re tight for space in your kitchen, you may want to check out the other devices on our roundup.

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6. BLACK+DECKER Waffle Maker


As a brand usually associated with heavy-duty power tools, there’s no doubt a BLACK+DECKER Waffle Maker is going to be both durable and high-quality. The cooking plates feature a non-stick cooking surface, so you can focus on enjoying your waffles rather than the potential pain of having to clean up after them. This waffle maker will deliver tasty, circular waffles time and time again. And, as a handy bonus, it can be stored horizontally or vertically to help you save on space.

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7. CucinaPro Mini Hearts Waffle Maker


Nothing says, “I love you,” more than a freshly cooked waffle. Or, go one better with a selection of nine heart-shaped waffles in three mini sizes. The CucinaPro Mini Hearts Waffle Maker enables you to be the most popular waffle chef in the neighborhood, as you make, bake and serve waffles to perfection. The non-stick pan heats up within minutes and makes waffle cooking an easy feat that anyone can master. Every day is Valentine’s day with this waffle maker!

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Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Presto Stuffler Waffle Maker


Imagine being able to stuff your waffles with more of your favorite foods. Now you can with the Presto Stuffler Waffle Maker. This nifty device not only allows you to cook traditional, circular waffles but gives you the ability to stuff them with fruits, chocolate, cheese or pretty much anything you think would work well. It has built-in waffle tongs, allowing you to serve your waffles with ease, and a 180-degree flip design to ensure the smooth spread of batter every time. So if you’re looking to impress breakfast guests or just looking to create the best homemade waffles possible, this is the mini waffle maker for you.

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