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Achieve the Perfect Crust and Make Your Clean-Up Easier With Parchment Paper

Baking and cooking are two skills you never quite master, only continue to improve at. The chemistry component with baking can harden crusts to perfection just as easily as it can cause things to combust. It takes time, practice and helpful tools to get better at making and preparing food. One of those ultra-helpful tools? Parchment paper.

Parchment paper is a moisture and grease-resistant paper that reduces spreading, eliminates sticking and allows food to breathe as it cooks. It’s the perfect lining to a baking sheet for a reason. It acts as a buffer between your food and the hot metal tray cooking it from underneath. It regulates the temperature across the entire surface so even if your tray isn’t great at moderating heat your cookies will still come out evenly baked.

Here are some of the best parchment paper brands for roasting, baking and cooking food to the perfect temperature.

1. If You Care Certified Baking Parchment Paper

If You Care’s parchment paper is strong and durable with an environmental emphasis. Their paper is unbleached and chlorine-free. It’s a great parchment paper for baking, broiling, roasting and reheating as needed, and this brand is offering an incredible deal at 70 sq ft for the price.

Pros: Strong, durable parchment paper that’s great for baking and roasting, chlorine-free, environmentally-friendly.

Cons: The paper cutter on the box is weaker than other brands.

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2. Reynolds Kitchen Pop-Ups Parchment Paper

Reynolds’ parchment paper comes in pop-up sheets that are easy to dispense, lay flat on the baking sheet and don’t require any cutting or tearing. All of their parchment sheets are compostable both in home and at commercial composting facilities so you’ll be doing the environment a favor while using them. The nonstick surface will save you some clean-up time in the kitchen as your food slides off the pan and onto your plates.

Pros: Pre-cut sheets, compostable, easy dispensing, nonstick surface, very affordable.

Cons: Sheets are smaller so it might take two to cover some baking sheets.

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3. SMARTAKE Parchment Paper Baking Sheets

These pre-cut parchment paper sheets from SMARTAKE are 12×16 inches, big enough to cover most standard baking sheets, and can withstand temperatures up to 450°F easily. The pre-cut sheets mean there’s no curling up of baking paper after cutting it and they come in a small, compact box that won’t take up too much space in your cupboards. The box includes 200 pieces of parchment paper with the option to order more and your dinner prep and clean-up will be a lot easier with the use of this tool.

Pros: Large baking sheets, pre-cut for convenience, slim packaging, temperature resistant up to 450°F.

Cons: Sheets are thinner than other brands.

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4. Katbite Heavy Duty Parchment Paper

Katbite has pre-cut their sheets of ultra-strong 45gsm parchment paper into sheets that won’t curl up over your food and cause a mess. Their parchment paper is made of 100% natural wood pulp that’s fluorescent free. It’s also a great parchment paper for baking as it’s got a silicone coating around it to keep things non-toxic. This parchment paper can take the heat, up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact, and makes things much easier to clean.

Pros: Pre-cut sheets, strong paper, 100% natural, silicone coating, heat resistant for baking.

Cons: The sheet size is set in stone and can’t be modified based on your needs.

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5. Kirkland Signature Non Stick Parchment Paper

Kirkland Signature’s nonstick parchment paper is a vegetable paper that’s completely non-stick, kosher and very breathable. This makes it great for roasting vegetables, poultry and wrapping fish for easy cooking with little to no cleanup. The paper is 15 inches wide and the length is up to you as paper comes rolled with an easy box razor installed. It’s oven safe up to 420°F, making it better for roasting rather than baking where you might desire a higher temperature.

Pros: Non-stick, vegetable paper, kosher friendly, comes rolled so you can cut your own desired length.

Cons: Lower oven safe temperature than other brands.

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