We’ll Never Go Back to Regular Peanut Butter After Having These Alternatives

6 Best Peanut Butter Alternatives and

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* Peanut Butter gets an upgrade
* From breakfast classics to artisanal varietals
* Chocolate peanut butter spreads, blueberry infusions and more

Tired of the same old peanut (butter) gallery? Here are six upgrades to your peanut butter routine that are for sure worth more than peanuts. Turns out, the peanut is a more versatile nut, er, legume, than it’s been given credit for. And if you’re allergic, do yourself a favor and just skip this entire post.

1. Smore Dreams Artisan Peanut Butter

Do Android S’mores dream of electric peanut butter? Artisanal s’mores probably dream of this: a spreadable, convenient blend of honey roasted nuts, graham crackers, marshmallows and milk chocolate. Great on toast, as a Nutella alternative, or on waffles, crackers and more.

4 years
dont be fooled people , this isn't FOOD this is a bunch of chemicals and garbage added...

4 years
dont be fooled people , this isn’t FOOD this is a bunch of chemicals and garbage added…
Smore dreamsCourtesy Amazon

2. PB Crave Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter

A great holiday sweet spread, this chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter is as close as you can get to room-temperature ice cream.

pb crave chocolate chip peanut butterCourtesy Amazon

3. Nuts ’N More Birthday Cake Spread

This upgraded, birthday cake-flavored peanut butter spread has 45% more protein than regular peanut butter. Spread on a seeded bagel or a multigrain waffle and it makes a great tasting post-workout snack, for those whether or not it’s your birthday.

Birthday Cake spreadCourtesy Amazon

4. Jif Flavored Maple and Cinnamon Peanut Butter

You don’t have to be Canadian to enjoy this classic Jif maple peanut butter. And its cinnamon twin is superb for s’mores-like toast creations.

Jif flavored peanut butterCourtesy Amazon

5. Peanut Butter Co Breakfast Variety Pack

Variety, so they say is the spice of life. This package deal certainly proves variety to be the life of the peanut butter party: go from festive cinnamon raisin swirl to “the bees knees” honey flavored. There’s maple-syrup too, great for peanut butter pancakes.

Peanut Butter variety packCourtesy Amazon

6. B’nutty Blissful Blueberry Artisan Peanut Butter

This gourmet peanut butter features a subtle-sweet blend of blueberries and milk chocolate. The SPY team tried this one and quickly ran out of things to put it on, so fair warning: this one is good you might likewise find yourself eating it out of the jar.

Blissful BlueberryCourtesy Amazon

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