Healthy Snacking Anytime Is Easy With One of These Popcorn Makers

best popcorn makers
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Picture yourself sitting down to watch that movie you’ve been dying to see. The phone is on silent; you’re in your comfy seat; your partner is alongside you and you’ve got your thirst-quenching drink within arm’s reach. What’s missing? The popcorn. Popcorn is without a doubt one of the best accompaniments for on-screen entertainment, which is why having one of these popcorn makers in your possession is a smart idea.

But more than just a great snack for watching movies, popcorn is actually quite healthy. Of course, you’ll have to ditch the excess salt and butter, but popcorn on its own can be a very satisfying snack that won’t break your diet.

When it comes to choosing how you pop your corn, there are plenty of options. To decide which is best for you, you need to ask yourself where you’ll be enjoying your popcorn. Will it be on your sofa, out camping with friends or at a wedding or large family gathering? Whatever your needs, there’s a way to create popcorn for your occasion.

We’ve put together a list of the best popcorn makers available right now. Each of these devices is ideal for creating beautifully popped popcorn every time. From campfire compatible poppers to microwavable pots, there’s something for everyone’s popping needs.

1. Original Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper

The Original Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper makes producing microwave-popped popcorn effortless. Simply fill the popper with the amount of kernels you want to pop, and place the included lid lightly over the top. Microwave the corn for around two minutes, remove it using the built-in carrying handles and then enjoy delicious popcorn at your leisure. This popper also sports a collapsible design, which makes it easy to store, and it’s available in 18 different colors, ensuring your popper matches your kitchen interiors.

Pros: The microwave-compatible popper is easily stored and provides freshly popped popcorn in as little as two minutes.

Cons: The personal size only makes enough for one or two people, meaning families and large groups may need to use it over and over again to make enough popcorn.

best popcorn maker salbree microwave Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Rome’s Fireplace Popcorn Popper

If marshmallows aren’t really your thing but you still want a delicious camping treat, add the Rome’s Chestnut Roaster and Fireplace Popcorn Popper to your outdoor accessories. This old-fashioned style popper can be used with camp fires, firepits and open-flame fires. The design includes an extended arm with a wooden handle along with a hinged lid to keep your corn inside once it’s popped. You’ll also find a leather hanging strap is included for easy storage, and you’ll have a choice of either grey or black for your popper. As an added bonus, this popper can also cook chestnuts for an alternative snack option.

Pros: The durable build quality and long arm make this device ideal for popping corn over an open flame.

Cons: If you want to make popcorn at home and you aren’t popping corn over an open fire, other options are better.

best popcorn maker romes campfire Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Majestic Popcorn Machine

The Majestic Popcorn Machine is capable of producing perfectly cooked popcorn for you and your friends. The fairground-style device sports easy-to-use buttons for the heater, stirrer and warming light, putting you in complete control. It incorporates a quiet and efficient motor so the device can be used without disturbing your guests or the movie you’re watching. The tempered-glass walls of the popper let you see what’s going on and when your popcorn is ready for eating. This is an ideal addition to at-home theaters and man caves.

Pros: This countertop popcorn popper is ideal for feeding a large group freshly popped popcorn in style.

Cons: Single-person portions aren’t really an option with this large-capacity device.

best popcorn maker majestic professional Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Olde Midway Vintage Style Popcorn Popper

If you’re looking to produce popcorn at a professional level or cater for a special event, like a wedding or family reunion, why not make it extra special with this professional-standard Olde Midway Vintage Style Popcorn Popper? The fancy design includes a cart with wheels for easy portability. The kit also includes a scoop, shaker and other essentials required for making the best popcorn possible. In addition, the beautifully-decorated popper and cart is available in either red or black.

Pros: This professional-standard popper can make enough popcorn to please crowds of people.

Cons: If you want a personal, single-person portion of popcorn, this isn’t the popper for you.

best popcorn maker olde midway Image courtesy of Amazon