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No Pressure. Let Gourmia Do the Cooking

* Reduces cooking time by 70%
* The best pressure cooker under $85
* No more babysitting your meal

Want to eat more delicious meals and save a ton of time cooking? Check out the Gourmia 4-Quart Pressure Cooker. We searched far and wide, and this was definitely the best pressure cooker we found. And at less than $85, it gives you better meals for a steal.

This one-pot wonder heats fast with 800-watts of power and seals in steam to cook food while preserving nutrients and maximizing flavor. Preparing meats, poultry, rice, beans and soups is a breeze. You can even use it to sauté and prepare desserts. Forget to thaw the meat? Toss it in the Gourmia and you’re good. Basically, prepare whatever you like at the touch of the button.

But, this may be the best part: Gourmia reduces cooking time by 70%. That’s perfect for your busy schedule. Like a wise infomercial guru once said, “Set it and forget it!” Gourmia lets you do just that with its 24-hour delay timer and an auto-timer. Program meals so they’re ready to eat when you are. If the power goes out, this smart pot will continue cooking automatically once power is restored. Plus, it keeps your food warm after cooking has finished.

The 4-quart body is big enough to make meals for the entire family. And the auto-locking lid and auto pressure control ensure safe cooking every time. The large LED display is easy to read and program. You’re going to love the non-stick liner, which you can wipe clean. In case you miss a spot, it has both self-clean and self-maintenance functions. And, it’s backed by a 1-year parts and labor warranty.

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