These 6 Products Will Make Bringing Lunch From Home Less of a Drag

12V Portable Car Food Warmer
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* Great for events and all-day outings too
* Be a lunchtime hero
* Leave the brown paper sack days behind

Ah, the infamous brown bag lunch. How we cringe to think of the shameful rustling sound, altering everyone in the office to our thrifty, yet probably unappetizing choice. Let’s face it, few foods other than chips and granola bars are actually best at room temperature. And nobody wants to be that coworker who stores their white styrofoam-packaged leftovers in the office fridge.

But the days of lunch FOMO don’t have to go on forever. Whether you’re saving money, work somewhere near few decent restaurants, are trying to eat healthier, or just want to actually enjoy your cooking skills, these six products making bringing lunch from home way less of a drag.

1. Fresh and Ready Men’s Roll-Top Classic Insulated Lunch Bag

No ugly paper bags here! This insulated roll top lunch bag has a classic, rugged look and includes a reusable ice pack to keep salads and cold cuts cold and fresh.

Roll Top Lunch Bag Image Courtesy of Amazon


2. Crock Pot Food Warmer

A dishwasher-safe, plug in food warmer that makes it way easier to enjoy a hot, fresh home-cooked lunch at work, without any of the flavor loss of microwaving or the sadness of room temperature soup, this crock pot portable food warmer is anything but a warmed-over idea.

crock pot food warmer Image Courtesy of Amazon


3. Thermos Food Jar

A built in spoon adds to the appeal of this hardy Thermos vacuum-sealed food jar. Great for soups and chili, it keeps warm for up to seven hours and can also keep cool liquids cool for nine hours.

Thermos Food Jar Courtesy Amazon


4. Mason Jar Sleeves

Thanks to these reusable, insulated silicon jar jackets, you can get the convenience, quality and aesthetic of mason jars without the annoying clanking sounds, inevitable chipping and cold hands so you can easily bring your protein shakes and green smoothies to the office.

jar jackets silicon mason jar sleeves Courtesy Amazon



5. 12V Portable Food Warmer

This ingenious device keeps food warm all day using a car’s 12V lighter socket. Great for those with a long commute or even road trips, it helps keep your lunchtime bento dreams from being DOA.

portable food warmer Image Courtesy of Amazon


6. Hot Logic Mini Personal Portable Oven

With this mini portable electric oven, things are really heating up in the “bring your own lunch” competition. Packaged as an insulated tote with a reflective aluminum lining, it may have a science fair vibe, but, impressively, this personal slow-cooker purports to be able to free your schedule from the constraints of meal-prep times, without the microwave’s destruction of flavor and texture.

hot logic mini oven Image Courtesy of Amazon