These Are the 16 Highest-Rated Kitchen Knife Sets on Amazon

Nanfang Brothers Kitchen Damascus Knife Set
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Great kitchen knives are worth investing in and upgrading from time to time. Even if you’re not much of a chef, your kitchen isn’t complete without a variety of capable cutting tools. A set of sharp, high-quality knives makes every culinary task that much easier, from chopping up fruit to preparing a Thanksgiving feast.

However, picking a set of knives can be daunting, especially if you’re not a professional chef. You want a set that contains every important type of kitchen knife but that’s also small enough to display on your kitchen counter. Of course, the knives you need will also vary based on your cooking habits. Some chefs only use two or three knives, but many non-professionals like a wide variety of blades for different jobs. You may also want to supplement your set with a multi-purpose Santoku knife.

To help you find the perfect knife set, we have rounded up 17 of the highest-rated kitchen knife sets that you can order right now on Amazon. There are options for experienced chefs and newbies alike, and some also make great housewarming gifts.


1. Home Hero Stainless Steel Knife Set


Home Hero’s all-in-one set is one of Amazon’s Choice picks for kitchen knives and includes a handful of bonuses, like six steak knives, a knife sharpener and a vegetable peeler. The usual knives you’d expect in a set are also included. Plus, there’s even a pair of kitchen scissors, a pizza knife and even a cheese knife. This set normally sells for $89.99 but it’s currently marked down to $59.99, and an on-page coupon brings the price down by another 50% to $29.99.

home hero knife set Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Cuisinart 15-Piece Kitchen Knife Set


Even if you’re still collecting basic kitchen necessities, you know the name Cuisinart. This household name makes a lot of kitchen knife sets, but we like this 15-piece set, which comes with a full suite of knives for every type of kitchen task. You get a chef’s knife, a slicing Knife, a santoku knife, a utility knife, two paring knives, six steak knives and a pair of kitchen scissors. All of these knives are contained in a handsome woodblock, and the handles are available in either black or white.

For home chefs who want a classic kitchen knife set from a trusted brand, you won’t do better than this set from Cuisinart.

Cuisinart 15-Piece Kitchen Knife Set Courtesy of Amazon


3. AmazonBasics Premium Knife Set


By cutting out the middleman, the AmazonBasics brand offers value that other brands cannot. This kitchen knife set is no exception. It boasts 18 high-quality knives, including an eight-inch chef’s knife, a six-inch boning knife and eight steak knives. The set also looks great in any kitchen thanks to a simple wooden block and classic black handles.

AmazonBasics Premium Knife Set Courtesy of Amazon


4. Cuisinart C77SS Knife Set


With over 18,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, the Cuisinart C77SS knife set is another of Amazon’s highest-rated kitchen knife sets. The high-carbon stainless steel blades are said to be more precise, more accurate and sharper than other models on the market. The sleek design and ergonomic handles make this set easy to use. Plus, the Cuisinart name ensures this is a quality set with a decent durability to value balance.

Kitchen Knives Set Stainless Courtesy of Amazon


5. Dalstrong 5-Piece Knife Block Set


While the Dalstrong set is quite the splurge, you’re getting a total bang for your buck with… wait… only five knives? Well, why is this set worth it? Let us tell you. Though you’re only getting five knives for over 300 smackaroos, these beauties have a gorgeously menacing design that will add a darker aesthetic to your kitchen. They’re a high-performance, scalpel-sharp knife set alternative made to be durable and corrosion-resistant. The shadowy look is due to the black nitrate-coated steel and they’re built to last even longer than your lifetime.

Dalstrong 5-Piece Knife Block Set Courtesy of Amazon


6. Farberware Stamped Stainless Steel Knife Block Set


The Farberware Stamped Stainless Steel Knife Block Set looks stylish and comes with everything you need in a kitchen knife set. It includes 15 different pieces which range from an eight-inch chef’s knife and an eight-inch bread knife to a 3.5-inch paring knife and a 5.5-inch serrated utility knife. You’ll also find a sharpening rod, multi-purpose kitchen scissors and a set of high-quality steak knives mounted in a wooden storage block. Each knife in the set sports a beautiful, satin-finished handle that has been ergonomically designed for comfort during use.

Farberware Stamped Stainless Steel Knife Block Set Courtesy of Amazon


7. Yier Knife Set


Looking for a minimal set of blades? Go for this highly affordable knife set from Yier. It comes with 14 essential knives, including a chef’s knife, a bread knife and a carving knife. Plus, the knives come in a translucent, acrylic stand that adds a modern touch to your kitchen. Happy customers say the knives are easy to clean, super sharp, and look great in the clear stand.

Yier Knife Set Courtesy of Amazon


8. Wanbasion Marbling Kitchen Knife Set


It may not be solid marble, but that doesn’t mean the Wanbasion Marbling Kitchen Knife Set makes any less of a beautiful addition to your kitchen. Both the block and the housed knives are resistant to scratches and corrosion, meaning they’re durable and will look great for years to come. The knife blades have also undergone a special process which makes them more flexible than average knives. This process also makes the knives more resistant to the rigors of day-to-day use.

best kitchen knife sets on amazon wanbasion Image courtesy of Amazon


9. AILUKI 19-Piece Kitchen Knife Set


Looking for the all-white set that won’t rust and is completely dishwasher safe? This 19-piece set from AILUKI is the block for you. They’re made from high-quality stainless steel to ensure precision when cutting and that the blade itself will hold up over time. It’s equipped with every basic knife you might need, from steak knives to slicers to scissors. The brand even provides 12-month quality assurance just in case you might need a replacement.

AILUKI 19-Piece Kitchen Knife Set Courtesy of Amazon


10. Nanfang Brothers Kitchen Damascus Knife Set


This professional Damascus knife set has some of the most ergonomic handles we’ve ever seen. For real, they’re curved so your hands can stay comfortable as they’ll ever be when cutting and supportive so no slipping occurs. The knives use 67 layers of superior Damascus steel blades to keep them sharp, sharp, sharp. Save a lot of time cleaning since these knives are able to clean up super quickly, too. And right now there is an on-page coupon for $40 off this great set, which is a stellar deal.

Nanfang Brothers Kitchen Damascus Knife Set Courtesy of Amazon


11. Marco Almond 25-Piece Rainbow Titanium Knife Block Set


We know you’ve seen this style on both pocketknives and vehicle blacktop oil spills alike, but did you know you could get rainbow-bladed knives for your kitchen set? These eyecatchers from Marco Almond will have you feeling yourself while slicing and dicing. They’re made from quality stainless steel and titanium coating for the color so the set is built to last a lifetime. They’re dishwasher-safe which is great considering by the looks of it, you’d probably think the set wouldn’t be. Included is also every knife you might ever need, no matter what it is you’re cutting. Topped off with a sleek black block and handle, the rainbow surprise when you slip these out will have friends and family in awe. The $35-off on-page coupon deal currently running makes this set even more reasonably priced.

Marco Almond 25-Piece Rainbow Titanium Knife Block Set Courtesy of Amazon


12. Master Maison Premium Kitchen Knife Set


If you want to really make sure you have every type of knife for every sort of occasion, consider adding the Master Maison Premium Kitchen Knife Set to your kitchen arsenal. This complete cutlery set includes 19 different pieces such as a chef’s knife, a bread knife, a carving knife, steak knives and more. Plus, it boasts a pair of all-purpose household shears and a sharpening rod. All of the pieces fit together into the handy black storage block. Furthermore, as each of the knives is forged from a single piece of high carbon, German stainless steel, these cutting tools offer nearly unmatched sharpness. The black, triple-riveted handles match the stainless steel and black mounting block to deliver a set capable of fitting in with a range of different kitchen interiors.

best kitchen knife sets on amazon master maison Image courtesy of Amazon


13. ENOKING Knife Block Set


A lot of the best knife sets on Amazon right now are taking a new, futuristic approach to the way we used to see sets — and we’re kind of loving it. Meet the magnetic block set. Magnetic block sets hold your knives in place using magnets to keep them in place. This one from ENOKING uses the magnetic block method with an external acrylic shield to prevent the scratching of any of your new knives and any unwanted mishaps. Think: kids. Those pesky, pesky kids. Keep this six-piece set on the counter and let it display all of your favorites. Right now you can apply an extra 20% off coupon to this already great deal.

ENOKING Knife Block Set Courtesy of Amazon


14. TUO Cutlery Knife Set


The TUO Cutlery Knife Set may be a premium kitchen accessory (with a price to match), but it’s hard to deny its unique design and elegant style aren’t worthy of inclusion here. Unlike most kitchen knife sets, this block displays each knife’s blade even when it’s mounted, making it easier to identify the knife you’re looking for. It’s an ingenious design feature. On top of that, the blades are constructed from German stainless steel, and the attractive handles are made from a composite, high-density pakkawood. This beautifully arranged kit makes a great gift idea for budding chefs and experienced professionals alike.

best kitchen knife sets on amazon tuo Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Zwilling J.A. Henckels 19-Piece Knife Block Set


This premium set of knives comes from J.A. Henckels, and if you can afford it, we highly recommend shelling out the extra dough. Not only are the knives sharper and more well-balanced than less expensive options, but they’ll also last longer, too (justifying the higher price tag). You can choose between a seven, 11 or 19-piece set, depending on what you need. But if you like to host dinner parties, we suggest the full 19-piece set with high-quality steak knives to impress your guests.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Knife Block Set Courtesy of Amazon


16. J.A. Henckels 15-Piece Knife Block Set


J.A. Henckels has been in the knife game since 1731, and this 15-piece set hits all the right marks with its assortment of knives and accessories. If you don’t believe us, just check out the hundreds of reviews and 4.6-star rating on Amazon. You won’t regret paying top dollar for these knives, as they are sure to last for years to come. Even better, Amazon customers can get a steep discount on these premium kitchen knives.

J.A. Henckels 15-Piece Knife Block Set Courtesy of Amazon

Update: This article was updated on September 28, 2022, at which time pricing was updated throughout the roundup. We replaced the “Design Pick” Deik Knife Set, which is no longer available, with the Yier Knife Set. We also removed the “Sharpest” Stone Boomer 14-Piece Kitchen Knife Set, which is no longer available.