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The Most Popular (and Best-Looking) Salad Bowls of 2021 in Every Material, From Wood to Porcelain

When you’re in search of a refreshing but filling meal, salad is the healthy but delicious choice. But searching for the right vessel to serve up that freshly tossed delicacy isn’t always as easy as making the meal. The best salad bowls come in lots of different materials, which is one of the biggest deciding factors when picking one out. The same goes for size — will you be cooking up portions for a big family, or just a date night for two?

Wooden salad bowls have risen in popularity over the past couple of years, but besides trending all over the internet, they have some other benefits for eaters. Firstly, the material is fully natural and biodegradable, proving to be a sustainable addition to your kitchen. Wood also has great insulating properties, long-lasting durability, and it even preserves the natural flavor of your food more than other materials. It also removes the noisy clinking of utensils scraping against porcelain or glass.

Still, if the idea of hand-cleaning a wooden bowl doesn’t sound appealing to you (some of them aren’t dishwasher-friendly) there are a range of other striking options to choose from, including plastic, stainless steel and porcelain. These may also be more lightweight than heavier wooden models, making them easier to pass around the dining table or transport to a different room.

Here are all the best salad bowls to help your tableware shine, in every aesthetic and material you can think of.


1. Dragon Forged Studios Olive Wood Bowl


This durable and eco-friendly salad bowl is made from olive wood and offers tons of sizes. While you can buy the bowl alone (plain or customized), there’s an option to purchase them with a serving set or ladle, both of which feature a gorgeous grain. The live edge on this piece showcases the beauty of the tree’s natural bark but is subtle enough that it’s easy to clean. The bowls are ethically produced from wood that no longer produces fruit, and the brand is committed to planting new trees in their place.

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Courtesy of Etsy

2. Creating Comfort Lab Rust Stoneware Salad Serving Bowl


This ceramic bowl (also available in a nesting set) can fit plenty of salad, and it has a visual effect that makes it look way more expensive than it actually is. A simple style is dipped in a reactive glaze that creates a sophisticated and unique swirl on each piece. Unlike wooden bowls, this ceramic piece is dishwasher and microwave safe. One user says, “I have been using them for soup, salad, buddha bowls, and ice cream. They feel smooth and solid in my hand and the color is just perfect.”

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Courtesy of Etsy

3. George Oliver Billie-Jo Salad Bowl, Set of 7


This set is made from rubberwood, aka recycled wood that’s kinder to the environment. It has a similar hardness to walnut, doesn’t scratch easily, and has a striking appearance, especially with a cherry finish and oval silhouette. The set includes a salad bowl, four individual bowls and two serving utensils — all that is missing are the ingredients! Gift your dinner table a more cohesive set with this charming serving solution that’s available for a surprisingly affordable price.

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Courtesy of Wayfair

4. Mcleod Walnut Salad Bowl & Antique Brass Salad Servers


Looking to treat yourself? Indulge in the beautifully crafted McLeod walnut salad bowl, complete with antique brass salad servers. This bowl has a tulip shape and was crafted in a reputable Vermont woodshop from sustainably harvested American black walnut. The accompanying spoons are hand-hammered stainless steel with a brass finish that has an antique look. A splurge today means a lasting investment throughout the years — just remember to hand wash this piece to keep it looking as good as it does now.

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Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

5. Nambé Pulse Salad Bowl with Servers


When steel is too clinical but wood is too organic, merge the materials with this Nambe Pulse Salad Bowl, complete with matching salad servers. The shape is sleek yet modern, and its wood base is held in place by a magnet. After serving, it can be removed, so you can place the stainless steel part in the dishwasher separately. Apart from being completely functional, this bowl has a one-of-a-kind look that’s sure to captivate anyone at your dinner table.

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Courtesy of Bloomingdales


6. Barski Glass Straight Sided Cylinder Bowl


Whereas most salad bowls have a rounded shape, this one has an eye-catching cylindrical shape with straight-sided edges. Plus, the entire body is clear, letting you see through to whatever drool-worthy dish you’ve concocted. It also better allows you to see if your ingredients are mixed evenly throughout the bowl. Shoppers note that it is rather large and heavy, so this bowl is best for larger servings, or if you’re intentionally intending to keep leftovers in the fridge.

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Courtesy of Amazon

7. Moretti Stainless Steel Salad Bowl


Stainless steel bowls can sometimes look a bit plain, and there’s nothing like a hammered detail to bring new life into the material. This bowl, complete with serving utensils, is functional, timeless and has a creative twist on your average steel bowl. The bowl is rust-proof and can be placed in the dishwasher. It’s roomy and much more lightweight than glass. A customer says, “I’ve had several wooden bowls and the coating started wearing off when using vinegar-based dressings. This bowl fixed my problem.”

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Courtesy of Wayfair

8. Looks Like White Handmade Porcelain Salad Bowl


You can find porcelain bowls for cheaper online, but the quality speaks for itself on this hand-cast piece which is impressed with cheesecloth for an understated texture. It’s all covered in a creamy glaze and features an elegant shape that’s sure to earn compliments. Multiple users comment on how easy to clean they are, while another says they make the perfect gift. These bowls aren’t limited to salad — fill them with pasta, soup or one-dish bowls.

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Courtesy of Food 52

9. DeeCoo Large Printed Porcelain Salad Bowls


If plain white bowls don’t have enough personality for your taste, opt for these colorful, Japanese-inspired porcelain bowls with expensive-looking patterns. With a 55 oz capacity, these dishes can hold a lot, and many buyers found that they surpassed expectations in terms of design and quality, and also got a 10/10 in durability. While they can be used as large personal salad bowls, one reviewer mentions, “We fill the bowls with main dishes and soups to serve ourselves from the dining room table.”

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Courtesy of Amazon

10. Clean Dezign Large Salad Bowl with Bamboo Wood Lid and Servers


If you’re trying to avoid plastic and save the environment while doing it, look no further than this large salad bowl complete with a bamboo lid by Clean Dezign. The removable lid can be used as a wooden cutting board, and as an added perk, can keep bugs out if you’re eating outdoors. The generously sized bowl itself is made from bamboo fiber, and the lid features a tiny hole to lay serving utensils (also included in this set) inside the bowl.

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Courtesy of Amazon

11. Elevate HQ Olive Wood Salad Bowl


Wooden salad bowls are taking over lately, and it’s no wonder why. They offer a dreamy, organic aesthetic that roots your eating experience in nature, and nothing does that better than a wooden bowl with a live edge that utilizes the natural texture of the tree’s bark. This olive wood salad bowl is made from a single piece of wood and features a stylish rough edge that’ll make your food dishes look like a work of art.

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Courtesy of Etsy

12. Mountain Woods Mahogany Caesar Salad Bowl


If you’re on a budget but still want the dreamy aesthetic (and benefits) of a wooden bowl, consider this handsome 7-inch mahogany bowl, which costs just under $10. It’s not the biggest bowl in this set but makes for a useful single-serving option or a serving bowl for two people. Mahogany is generally an expensive wood, so consider picking up a few to make your own dinner set. When they’re not in use, they can display candy, nuts, or dried fruit around your house to create an inviting vibe.

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Courtesy of Walmart

13. Row Boat Serving Bowl with Wood Serving Utensils


This silver-plated salad bowl is shaped like a rowboat, complete with wooden serving utensils that look like oars. It’s playful without being tacky and adds a sense of charming lakeside decor that’s ideal for housing a large salad. The “oars” are made from Sheesham, which is a kind of rosewood coveted for its striking grain. This aluminum dish is ideal for serving four to six people and doubles as an entertaining centerpiece for your table. Though it fits into any household, a reviewer adds that it’s a “great gift for the fisherman in your life.”

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Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

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