The 8 Best Salad Spinners for Perfectly Crispy Lettuce Every Time

best salad spinners

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Whether you’re keeping it light or piling on the dressing, a salad is a satisfying and versatile meal for a hot summer day. Washing some fresh lettuce or spring mix is the first step when making a salad at home. But when you’re making a salad in a pinch, this can leave you with soggy greens.

A salad spinner is a simple solution to this problem, as well as an essential salad tool for every home cook.

These nifty kitchen gadgets work by spinning the greens in a circle to wick away moisture. Most are manual, so you’ll spin a handle or press a button to control the rotating mechanism. The water catches in an outer bowl, which you can drain easily after. With this process, you won’t have to wait for the lettuce to dry. Rather, you can enjoy the salad as soon as you set it spinning.

Perfectly dry lettuce offers more than a satisfying crunch. When you remove the water from the surface, the dressing can stick to the leaves more effectively. The entire salad will be more cohesive, both in flavor and texture.

To help you take your salads to the next level, we’ve rounded up some of the best salad spinners available on Amazon right now.


1. MUELLER Salad Spinner


Mueller’s salad spinner has a large five-liter capacity and doubles as a vegetable washer. This product is made of heavy-duty, BPA-free plastic, so it’s built to last. The internal colander holds the lettuce during washing and drains excess water into the clear external bowl. Simply remove the water after washing, secure the smart-lock lid and hit the pull-control button to start the spinning mechanism. The rubber feet and anti-wobble technology will keep the spinner in place during use.

This salad spinner is your best bet if you’re making enough salad for a family. The product can hold around four to eight servings of salad, so you can dry it all in one batch. However, it might be too big if you’re cooking for one or two people.

MUELLER salad spinner Amazon

2. Cuisinart Salad Spinner


Cuisinart’s green and white salad spinner is an excellent kitchen staple. The product has a practical design that cuts down on potential leaks and spills. You can add and remove water through a small opening in the lid. The lid locks securely, and the non-skid base keeps the spinner on the counter. This product has a five-quart capacity and the clear base doubles as a serving bowl.

Each of the three parts come apart for easy cleaning. The spinner may warp in the dishwasher, so it’s best to hand wash it in the sink.

Cuisinart salad spinner Amazon

3. OXO Good Grips Salad & Herb Spinner


OXO’s salad spinner has a three-quart capacity, so it’s a great option if you’re making a few side salads or drying a handful of herbs. To use, simply fill the spinner with your greens of choice, secure the lid and press the pump to spin. This pump has a soft grip and is comfortable to press. The spinner has a non-slip base, and the parts come apart for cleaning. This product is dishwasher safe, but be sure to keep it on the top rack.

The compact size is one of the main perks of this salad spinner. The pump locks flat for easy storage, so it won’t take up much space in your cupboard.

OXO Good Grips Salad & Herb Spinner Amazon

4. Farberware Pro Pump Salad Spinner


Farberware’s salad spinner is suitable for greens, herbs, salad vegetables and berries. You can operate this product with one hand, pressing the pump to spin, stopping the mechanism with the soft-touch break button. This salad spinner is a versatile kitchen tool, holding about five quarts of veggies. Remove the inner basket to use it as a colander and serve the salad in the clear outer bowl. These multi-purpose components cut down on prep time and dishes, so you can enjoy your salad without the hassle.

Farberware Pro Pump Salad Spinner Amazon

5. Westmark German Salad Spinner


This sturdy salad spinner is made of polypropylene plastic and is available in five colors. The spinning mechanism operates with a simple rotating handle. However, the handle might jam if the basket isn’t perfectly level. You can pour out excess water with a built-in spout before prepping the salad. This product is especially easy to clean, which is one of the main perks of the design. The parts separate easily and are dishwasher safe. This salad spinner has a five-liter capacity.

Westmark German Salad Spinner Amazon

6. Kalokelvin Salad Spinner


This four-quart salad spinner is designed with ergonomics in mind. The rubber feet keep the spinner in place, and the sturdy lid locks in place. Both right and left-handed users can comfortably crank the rotary handle, and the handle is longer than that of some other products. There are small drain holes in the lid, so you can remove water while the lid is still locked in place. This entire set is top-rack dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Kalokelvin Salad Spinner Amazon

7. Mabel Home Salad Spinner


This sturdy salad spinner is made of durable plastic. You can choose from a few color options: purple, blue and red. The spinner rotates when you turn a handle on the lid. Just keep in mind that the small knob can be tricky to grip, so this might not be the best option if you have dexterity issues. This salad spinner includes a free set of salt and pepper shakers, adding to the value of the product. You can wash this set in the dishwasher.

salad spinner Amazon

8. Prepworks Collapsible Salad Spinner


Have limited cabinet space? This salad spinner collapses to slide into compact spaces. However, the structure remains sturdy as you spin salad with the built-in knob. To use, simply spin the salad in the inner basket and serve it in the outer bowl. The bowl has a three-quart capacity, so you can fit a small head of lettuce inside. The lid, basket and bowl are all dishwasher-safe. Keep in mind that this might not be the more durable salad spinner, especially if you use it daily. However, it can be a great salad spinner to take camping or on the go.

salad spinner Amazon