Shaker Shakedown: 10 Craziest Salt and Pepper Shakers for Tasteful Tables

game of thrones shakers
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* These quirky Salt and Pepper shakers make great gifts
* Find something for Star Wars and Game of Thrones fans
* Halloween and Christmas options make the table festive, too

Whether purchasing a unique housewarming gift, a white elephant present or a special something for the biggest Game of Thrones fan you know, SPY has collected a list of ten fun, tasteful salt and pepper shakers.

1. Smarty Cat Shakers

Made of hand-painted ceramic, this set is cute yet functional, the ideal present for that friend you know is a cat person… because we all have one of those friends in our lives. (Also: more cat-themed gifts here).

cat shakers Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Unicorn Shakers

These porcelain shakers will spice up any meal, bringing some magic to the table. Who says unicorn (shakers) don’t exist?

unicorn salt shakers Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Fireman Shaker

This ceramic shaker strikes a balance between quirky and quaint, adding a nice pop of color to any table layout. It also makes a fun gift for your next housewarming or wedding.

fireman shakers Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Vampires: Love At First Bite

Buy these to bring out at Halloween, or as a fun gift for your more gothically-inclined friends. Either way, they certainly won’t go unnoticed at a dinner party.

vampire salt and pepper shakers Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Four Seasons Shakers

Change with the seasons with these creative transparent shakers. The four different icons feature two different hole sizes — smaller ones for salt and pepper, and larger for herbs of your choice. When the herbs are sitting on the bottom, the plants appeared to be rooted (I.e. in the “snow”-like look of salt, or the soil-like appearance of ground pepper).

four seasons salt and pepper shakers Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Nostalgic Shakers

These painted tin-plated shakers have large holes atop for easy salt and pepper distribution, and their bright design add a quirky, retro-inspired twist to your typical table setting.

retro salt and pepper shakers Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Christmas Tree Shakers

It’s never too early to start planning your Christmas presents. These shakers make a great addition to any Christmas table, with a bit of snow littering one of the trees to distinguish it as the one carrying salt.

tree shakers Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Salt ‘n Pepa

Throwback to this classic girl group and their infamous song with these tongue-in-cheek shakers. A great Yankee swap gift, or present for that friend with a sense of humor, it may instigate an impromptu sing-a-long whenever you get them out.

salt n pepa shakers Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Star Wars Shakers

A great gift idea for the biggest Star Wars fan you know, these molded ceramic shakers feature accurate droid detailing. With a bit of light and dark, R2-D2 and R2-Q5 come with removable bungs to make for easy refilling

[caption id="attachment_57988" align="aligncenter" width="605"]star wars salt and pepper shakers Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


10. Game of Thrones Shakers

With the new season out, your obsession is now back in full swing, so there is no better time to invest in these dragon egg replica shakers worthy of Danerys herself. Available in a set of three – one is for your toothpicks – it also comes in a decorative gift box with a ceramic tray, so you can be the hit of the next housewarming party you attend.

game of thrones shakers Image courtesy of Amazon