Shaker Shakedown: The Best Salt and Pepper Shakers for Tasteful Tables

salt and pepper shakers
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Life needs salt and pepper — and no we’re not talking about the 80’s hip hop group (although the world needs them too). We’re talking about the essential flavorings that go into almost every recipe for a reason. Food needs flavor, and sometimes you get to the table and you need a bit more of that flavor. That’s where salt and pepper shakers and mills come into play. The best salt and pepper shakers don’t just add flavor — they add a design element too.

We’ve gathered our favorite salt and pepper shakers from standard mills to kitschy decor that’ll make your mother-in-law laugh, so if you’re looking for a new kitchen accessory or a gift for your grandparents you’ll find something.


1. Nostalgic Shakers

These painted tin-plated shakers have large holes atop for easy salt and pepper distribution, and their bright design add a quirky, retro-inspired twist to your typical table setting.

retro salt and pepper shakers Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Ocean Winch Salt and Pepper Mills

These salt and pepper mills technically aren’t shakers, as you’ve got to crank them, but they’ll dispense your flavoring nonetheless. Their design is inspired by a classic sailing winch, and each one is constructed with durable aluminum, ceramic and stainless steel to add a touch of the sea to your kitchen table.

ocean winch salt and pepper shakers Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


3. Smarty Cat Shakers

Made of hand-painted ceramic, this set is cute yet functional, the ideal present for that friend you know is a cat person… because we all have one of those friends in our lives. (Also: more cat-themed gifts here).

cat Salt and Pepper shakers shakers Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Unicorn Shakers

These porcelain shakers will spice up any meal, bringing some magic to the table. Who says unicorn (shakers) don’t exist?

unicorn Salt and Pepper shakers Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Vampires: Love At First Bite

Buy these to bring out at Halloween, or as a fun gift for your more gothically-inclined friends. Either way, they certainly won’t go unnoticed at a dinner party.

vampire salt and pepper shakers Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Four Seasons Shakers

Change with the seasons with these creative transparent shakers. The four different icons feature two different hole sizes — smaller ones for salt and pepper, and larger for herbs of your choice. When the herbs are sitting on the bottom, the plants appeared to be rooted (I.e. in the “snow”-like look of salt, or the soil-like appearance of ground pepper).

four seasons salt shakers, salt and pepper shakers Courtesy of Amazon


7. Milk and Cookies Lover Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Who doesn’t love a stack of cookies and a nice tall glass of milk? These salt and pepper shakers are made from food-safe ceramic and are hand-painted.

milk and cookies ceramic salt and pepper shakers Courtesy of Amazon


8. Bob’s Burgers Tina and Louisa Salt and Pepper Shaker set

Any Bob’s Burgers fans out there? These licensed Tina and Louise Belcher ceramic salt and pepper shakers are adorable, and the perfect reminder of your favorite hilarious cartoon at mealtimes.

bob's burgers salt and pepper shakers Courtesy of Amazon


9. Wink Science Flask Salt and Pepper Shakers

If cooking for you tends to turn out like a science experiment (a.k.a you find yourself frequently saying “how did THAT happen?!”) these salt and pepper shakers are for you. The cute flasks will help make anything you make taste better, and have mimicked abbreviations from the period table of elements on the side.

wink salt and pepper shakers Courtesy of Amazon


10. Steampunk Salt & Pepper Mills

Again, these are technically salt and pepper mills, but the steampunk design was too cool to not include on this list. They’re part-machine, part-piece of art, and they’re handcrafted to look excellent on your kitchen table. The walnut bases combine with metallic mechanisms that look straight out of a sci-fi movie. Plus, they’re both adjustable from coarse to fine.

steampunk salt and pepper mills, salt and pepper shakers Courtesy of Uncommon Goods