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Season in Style With the Best Salt and Pepper Grinders

Salt and pepper are two of the most common ingredients in cooking. But the irony is that they’re so common, they often get totally overlooked. You might be using the freshest organic ingredients, but if you’re piling packet salt onto your chicken, then you’re not making the most of those expensive ingredients. The best way to enjoy the freshest possible pepper is with a proper grinder or mill. Freshly ground pepper will always be more robust than pre-ground pepper, which is why a pepper mill is a kitchen essential for any dedicated cook.

The usefulness of a salt grinder is more narrow — salt doesn’t lose freshness the way pepper does. However, a salt mill can be handy if you want different sized particles of salt. Bigger flakes will give a hint of salt taste without being too salty, but if you need finer particles to dissolve in water, you can use a salt grinder for that, too.

We’ve rounded up some of the best salt grinder and pepper mill sets you can buy online.


1. OXO Good Grips Salt and Pepper Grinder Set


OXO is one of our favorite kitchenware brands, and this set is a more affordable way to get freshly ground salt and pepper. Markings on the top allow you to set your preferred grind setting, and the transparent body lets you quickly see which grinder is which. The grinding mechanism is ceramic, which is durable and won’t absorb flavor.

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2. Peugeot Paris u’Select 9-Inch Pepper Mill


This option from Peugeot is one of the best pepper mills you can buy. You can also choose the salt grinder from this Amazon listing, although they’re sold separately.  The pepper mill is made in France from beech wood, and every part of the grinding process is considered. The two-stage process first cracks the peppercorn and then grinds it, allowing for maximum aroma. The hardened steel is designed to resist corrosion.

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3. COLE & MASON Derwent Salt and Pepper Grinder Set


Cole & Mason’s salt and pepper grinder set is a luxurious pick that makes a great gift. It has a shiny copper handle and base and a clear acrylic body that makes it easy to see if how much salt or pepper you have left. There are six different settings for precise grinding.

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4. Anthropologie Salt & Pepper Grinders, Set of 2


This set from Anthropologie is as much a work of art as it is functional kitchenware. It’s available in either muted blue or blush, adding an earthy touch to your table. The grinders come in varied but complementary tones so you can tell them apart.

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5. Le Creuset Salt & Pepper Mill Set


Le Creuset makes some of the most stylish and durable kitchenware, including the brand’s iconic Dutch oven. True to most of their products, this set from Le Creuset comes in a variety of vibrant colors. You can also easily adjust coarseness using the twist dials.

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6. PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill


If you just need a pepper mill, this option from PepperMate features a unique design that makes it easier to quickly grind larger amounts of pepper. It has a twist knob on the side, rather than the traditional top knob. Plus, there’s a catch cup on the bottom that neatly collects your freshly ground pepper. You can remove the top to adjust the grind as well.

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7. Willow & Everett Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set


If you’re looking for something affordable, this set from Willow and Everett includes a salt and pepper grinder. The clear body makes it easy to see what you’re grinding and how much you have left, and the metal twist-top adds an appealing touch. Plus, the set includes a stainless steel stand.

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