Summer Sips: 9 Best Seasonal Beers to Keep the Vibes Rolling

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* Keep the summer spirit alive with these seasonal brews
* Choose from different crafts and flavors to match your specific taste

* Mix and match for more options

Whether you’re a lager fan or an IPA lover, we can all agree there’s no better pairing than an ice cold beer and the warm summer sun.

While the days of lawn chairs, sunscreen and freshly cut grass are coming to an end, you can enjoy the last weeks of summer with this handpicked selection of seasonal beers. Grab ‘em while you can!

1. Brooklyn Summer Ale

Lightly hopped with a soft floral aroma, this Brooklyn beer is brewed in the traditional British style, giving it an unabashed barley taste. At 4% ABV, it’s the right seasonal beer to share with friends or by yourself. Unlike other summer ales, this one’s lighter on the zest and stronger on the flavor.

brooklyn summer ale Image courtesy of Drizly


2. Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy

Best paired with hot dogs and BBQ, this Wisconsin-based seasonal brew mixes sweet and sour together, offering a light-bodied beer with a surprisingly strong aroma. One sip and you’ll instantly notice the hints of lemon. If you’re a tart beer lover, the Summer Shandy’s for you.

Leinenkugel Summer Shandy Image courtesy of Drizly


3. Harpoon Camp Wannamango

This mango-infused pale ale offers delicate hints of passion fruit, too. Expect light hops with a smooth malty sweetness. Best kept for warm summer nights, this Boston-based brew offers a sweet taste without the dry finish.

harpoon seasonal series Image courtesy of Drizly


4. Anchor Summer Beer

Wheat beer aficionados will love this crisp summer session. This all-malt craft beer is fermented the “traditional” way, giving it a more balanced flavor. Expect a hearty brew with a full head and hops for days. If you fancy yourself more of a light beer drinker, this is a solid choice.

Anchor Summer Beer Image courtesy of Drizly


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5. Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale

The Washington Post once called it the Beer of the Week, and while we agree, one week isn’t enough. This summer ale sports a bold aroma with tantalizing hints of Old Bay and other citrus flavors. Great for sitting back and drinking near the beach, this Maryland brew hits all the right notes.

Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale Image courtesy of Drizly


6. Cisco Summer of Lager

If MIT is said to master the STEM disciplines, then this Massachusetts brewery masters the art of crafting a great summer lager. Light and extra crisp, this Bavarian beer offers light notes of tangerine that will take your taste buds on a summer trip.

Cisco Summer of Lager Image courtesy of Drizly


7. Fremont Summer Ale

At first sip, this summer ale may taste extra lemony, but wait a few seconds and you’ll immediately notice the unexpected spiciness. Throw in a few subtle hints of tangerine and lemongrass and you have yourself one heck of a great seasonal brew.

Fremont Summer Ale Image courtesy of Drizly


8. Montauk Summer Ale

Feeling the strain of the summer sun? This citrusy ale is great for hot summer days and endless summer nights. Featuring a smooth golden finish with hints of barley and other aromas, this New York beer leaves a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Montauk Summer Ale Image courtesy of Drizly


9. Sam Adams Beers of Summer

Celebrate summer in style with this iconic brew series. Featuring Belgian sessions, pale ales and various IPAs, ring out the summer with this Boston-based brewery. With enough varieties to pair with any type of summer snacks, make sure you grab ’em while you still can.

Sam Adams Beers of Summer Image courtesy of Drizly

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