Grill The Perfect Kebab With These Meat & Veggie Skewers

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Cooking a meal on the grill is all about sharing. And what better way to pass around grilled meat and veggies than on a skewer? When you have a set of skewers on hand, you can create a satisfying and shareable meal in a pinch.

A skewer may be a standard grilling accessory, but there are numerous types available. Some are better for meat, while others are suitable for fruit. There are also a variety of handle designs, sizes and blade styles to choose from. The key is to find a product that you will use frequently.

In many cases, reusable skewers are the way to go. You can break them out whenever you want to make kebabs and not worry about waste. However, disposable skewers can be a better option if you’re making fruit kebabs or appetizers for a party.

To help fuel your grilling ambitions, here are some of the best skewers for your next barbecue.

1. BearMoo Stainless Steel Barbecue Skewers

BearMoo’s stainless steel skewers come in a set of 10, so you can grill delicious kebabs for large groups. The 17-inch skewers have a flat blade to keep the food in place on the grill, and the blade’s surface is polished to prevent sticking. With this length, the waved handle hangs off the edge of the grill. This makes it easy to turn the skewer for even cooking. You will receive a storage pouch and silicone baking brush with your order.

Pros: The flat edge prevents meat and veggies from falling off the grill. The storage pouch prevents damage.

Cons: The blades are on the wider side, so they may split veggies. These skewers may be too long to fit in your dishwasher.

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2. LANEY Kabob Barbecue Skewers

This 12-pack of stainless steel skewers includes the gear you need for care and storage. You’ll receive 10 16.8-inch skewers, two 14-inch skewers, a storage pouch and 12 silicone tip covers. Each skewer has an angled tip, so you can easily layer food without splintering. These skewers can be tricky to clean, so you’ll need to soak them in warm water after use. Fortunately, the surface is rust proof and keeps its shine over time.

Pros: The two longer skewers are a useful bonus. The silicone tips covers will keep the skewers sharp.

Cons: These skewers may be too small to use on large grills. The skewer may bend when spearing raw vegetables like corn.

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3. G & F Products Brazilian-Style Skewers

Turn your backyard into a Brazilian barbecue with this eight-piece skewer set. Each skewer is 17 inches long with a 12.6-inch blade. The blades are half an inch thick, which is perfect for large cuts of meat. However, you’ll want to look for a narrower blade for softer meats, shrimp and vegetables. The wooden handles are comfortable to hold and engraved with the company’s logo. You’ll receive a foldable carrying case with your oder.

Pros: These skewers are sturdy and lightweight. This set is great for cooking over an open campfire.

Cons: The handles may be on the flimsy side. You’ll have to keep the wooden handles away from the flame.

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4. TONGYE Natural Bamboo Skewers

If you’re looking for versatile skewers for a cookout, these are a great option. This set of skewers is available in four to 16-inch sizes. You’ll receive between 50 and 600 in a pack, depending on the size you choose. The skewers are thin enough to use with fruit, cheese, meat, fish and vegetables, and the bamboo can withstand most temperatures. These products have pointed edges, but they aren’t sharp enough to cut your finger.

Pros: These skewers are super versatile. The bamboo material can hold up to heat.

Cons: The bamboo material may splinter or break.

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