The Best Tablecloths Don’t Just Protect From Stains, They Make a Statement

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You might have a gorgeous set of dinnerware on a perfect table, but it’s the tablecloth that creates the landscape that pulls it all together.

Of course, a tablecloth is mainly decorative. Let’s be honest; it’s a long piece of fabric that covers a table. On some level, it may exist to protect the table from spills and stains, but it’s more than that. These days we buy tables we can use daily and rarely host the Queen, which would obviously require our most formal dining settings. The right tablecloth will not only set the mood and style but help elevate it. A table covering can be casual for an impromptu pasta night with the kids but becomes decorative and formal by simply switching out your tablecloth.

Tablecloths today come in myriad fabrics, styles and sizes. The right one for you will depend on the size and shape of your table, of course, as getting a square cloth for a round table would serve little to no purpose. But there’s so much more to it, from the mood and style you are hoping to go for to the fabrics that most fit your lifestyle.


1. Latitude Run Anastasio Solid Color Linen Tablecloth


This tablecloth is an incredible value for the fabric and craftsmanship. This gorgeous faux linen option offers the luxurious texture of a pricier tablecloth but is also water-, wrinkle- and stain-resistant. It’s available in many color options, so whether your style leans bold red for the holidays or a more understated year-round natural flax, there’s one that will fit your space.

Anastasio-Solid-Color-Linen-Tablecloth Courtesy of Wayfair

2. Williams Sonoma Hotel Tablecloth


This cotton tablecloth is beautiful in a simple, practical way. The hems are deep, and corners are mitered, making it feel a lot like a tablecloth you may see in a hotel restaurant. Still, the polished, classic feel is made modern by many size options and three different colors. Additionally, there is also the option of matching napkins to complete the setting.

Williams Sonoma Hotel Tablecloth Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

3. ARTABLE Lace Tablecloths Rectangle Fall Antique


Some families have gorgeous tablecloths passed down for generations. If you don’t happen to have the homemade hand-me-down but want it to look and feel like you do, this tablecloth has an exquisite vintage appeal. It’s made of polyester — so it’s machine washable and very durable — and lined with intricate lace. It comes in some beautiful patterns, colors, and several different sizes, making sure you will find the one that’s right for you!

ARTABLE Lace Table Cloths Rectangle Fall Antique Flower Decor Macrame Tablecloth for Outdoor Farmhouse Rustic Kitchen Party Birthday Picni Courtesy of Amazon

4. Saro Beige Joyeuses Fetes Pinecone and Holly Tablecloth


Depending on the occasion, switching up our tablescape is often a fun idea. If you like your tablecloth to have a bit more of a festive feel during the holidays, this wintery Christmas-themed linen-blend tablecloth is just about perfect. It’s embroidered with accents such as pinecones and holly. Still, despite being so festive and celebratory, it’s also slightly rustic, making it a fine choice to use all season long, not just for Christmas dinner. It is also machine-washable, so don’t worry about red wine spills.

SARO-Lifestyle-Joyeuses-Fetes-Collection-Holiday-Tablecloth Courtesy of Amazon

5. Williams Sonoma Provence Tablecloth


We all wish we were having a beautiful lunch of wine, cheese and crusty bread in the south of France. The reality is that we’re in our own home, but that can still feel like a bit of European wanderlust with this tablecloth adorned with florals. It’s made of 100% cotton, has a full hem and is reminiscent of the fields and valleys of those beautiful regions of France — No passport required.

Williams-Sonoma Provence Tablecloth Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma


6. DII 100% Cotton Chambray Kitchen Tabletop Collection


This machine-washable tablecloth is made of 100% cotton, but that doesn’t stop it from having a satiny, luxurious feel and a textured appearance thanks to the sophisticated chambray fabrication. It comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors, which helps find the right fit for your table — going for something a bit more casual? The denim-like texture can easily take a more relaxed feel if you choose one of the available blue colorways. 

DII-100-Cotton-Chambray-Kitchen-Tabletop-Collection Courtesy of Amazon

7. Solino Home Athena Linen Tablecloth


Many home tables are rectangles, so it’s common to see most tablecloths in that shape as well. But for the square table, this tablecloth is an option that comes in a staggering 20 colors and 12 sizes, including quite a few square options! It’s machine washable and very durable; this one will require little maintenance to stay in top form for years of dinners to come. And with so many color options and sizes, you can have one that fits each season.

Solino Home 100% Pure Linen Tablecloth Courtesy of Amazon

8. Maison D’Hermine Botanical Floral Tablecloth


Not all tablecloths are for the holidays; some help mark the change in seasons in style. This pretty floral option is light and airy and perfect for transitioning from the hearty dinners of winter to the lighter fare as the weather warms. If you are set on having a tablecloth you can use for the holidays, it’d be perfect for Passover or Easter Sunday. Whimsical and fun, save this for brunch or a wine and cheese night with friends.

Maison D'Hermine Botanical Floral Tablecloth Courtesy of Wayfair

9. B-Cool Sparkly Tablecloth


Whether it’s New Year’s Eve, a wedding, a bat mitzvah, or you’re just looking to add some undeniable shine to an otherwise dull dinner table, what is more fun than a sparkly tablecloth? This glittery gold tablecloth is a one-stop shop to upgrade any evening and make everything a bit more jazzed, even if it’s a night you are having salads and pizza. (Maybe that’s even better.) While this may not be the ideal choice for dinner with the boss or your soon-to-be inlaws, it’ll add fun to any other evening — and brighten up the room, too!

B-Cool Sparkly Tablecloth Courtesy of Amazon

10. Utopia Kitchen Stretchable Tablecloth


The cool thing about this tablecloth is the two-way spandex. Much like spandex leggings or a bodysuit, it stretches to fit many shapes and sizes. Thanks to that stretchiness, it’ll be able to adapt from one table to another. You just fit each elastic corner of the table cloth onto the base of each table leg, and it will stretch to fit. How cool is that? It’s also stain-resistant, comes in black or white, and has three sizing options.

Utopia Kitchen - 6 Ft Stretchable Spandex Tablecloth Courtesy of Amazon


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