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Daily Deal: This $10 Box Has All Your Tailgate Essentials, Including a Mini Grill

* All your tailgate essentials in one box
* Makes a great gift for football fans
* Never forget any tailgate necessities

Tailgate season can sneak up before we’ve prepared with all the necessary equipment. If that’s the case, check out this convenient Tailgate in a Box.

The box contains all the necessities for a great parking lot party, and right now it’s on sale for 65% off. Normally it costs $30, but today you can grab one (or a couple) for just $10. It makes remembering all your tailgate equipment much easier, and makes a great gift for any football fan.

Tailgates are one of the great American inventions. Hanging out in the parking lot, grilling food, and drinking beer is cheap, fun, and a great way to get excited for the game. But although tailgates sounds simple enough, they actually demand more preparation than we often realize.

This Tailgate in a Box package contains almost everything you need for a great parking lot hangout. It comes with grilling equipment including a compact, portable grill, a small bag of charcoal, a spatula, tongs, and skewers, as well as essentials such as cups, utensils, napkins, plates, and a trash bag. It makes leaving the house much faster, as you just have this box to remember (plus food and drinks, of course).