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Pour the Perfect Cup of Tea With a Versatile (and Beautiful) Teapot

Tea drinkers know that when it comes to brewing a great cup of tea, using delicious and full-bodied leaves is only half the battle. Having a teapot that not only heats the water quickly and evenly but also acts as a well-constructed container for the leaves is essential to proper steeping.

The teapots we have included on our list can be used to heat the water and hold the tea leaves, eliminating the need for both an electric kettle and a traditional teapot. These teapots work with bagged tea as well as loose leaf tea and blooming tea. Many of the teapots we’ve included can also be used when making cold brew iced tea.

All the teapots on our list come with infusers for loose leaf tea, which can also be removed, turning the teapots into standard kettles that can boil water for coffee, hot chocolate, and dry soup.

Stop searching for the best teapot and check out our list below to find your new morning, afternoon and evening companion. There really is a tea for every part of the day.

1. Hiware Glass Teapot

For a beautifully handcrafted teapot that is versatile and attractive, we recommend the Hiware Glass Teapot. The Hiware is made using heat resistant borosilicate glass and can be placed in the microwave or on either electric and gas stovetops. Designed with an ergonomic handle and a no-drip spout, the Hiware comes with a stainless steel mesh infuser filter that can be used for loose leaf or blooming tea. The infuser can also be removed for bagged tea or to heat plain water. The borosilicate glass body is extra thick for daily use and safe for the top rack of the dishwasher.

Pros: The Hiware is safe for use in the fridge or direct sunlight for cold tea brewing.

Cons: The Hiware should only be used on low to medium heat when on the stovetop or else it may crack.

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2. Kitchen Kite Tea Kettle Infuser

Get everything you need for a soothing cup of tea, including a teapot, teacups and tea with the Kitchen Kite Tea Kettle Infuser. The 35-ounce teapot is large enough to brew up to six small cups of tea at once. Made with high-quality borosilicate glass, the Kitchen Kite teapot is safe for use in the microwave and on the stovetop, both electric and gas. The dishwasher safe teapot is designed with a non-drip spout and air vents on the lid to help steam escape as tea is steeped. The long stainless steel, removeable mesh infuser is designed to reach the bottom of the teapot, which means users are able to make only one cup of tea at a time without having to fill the teapot.

Pros: The Kitchen Kite makes a great gift for tea lovers or new homeowners thanks to the inclusion of four double-walled glass teacups that match the modern teapot. Blooming tea, Jasmine and Green tea bags are also included.

Cons: The cups included are small.

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3. Willow and Everett Teapot with Infuser

Brew hot and cold tea with the Willow and Everett Teapot with Infuser. Ideal for users with limited counter space, the compact 40-ounce teapot can brew up to four cups of tea at once. A combination of glass and brushed stainless steel, the Willow and Everett teapot is spill-proof and rust-resistant. A mesh infuser is included to brew loose leaf and blooming tea and can be removed for bagged tea. The microwave-safe teapot eliminates the need to move water from a kettle to a teapot.

Pros: The Teapot with Infuser is designed to stay hot for hours thanks to a stainless steel lid that locks into place and a custom fit cozy that zippers snuggly around the teapot.

Cons: Willow and Everett do not specify whether the teapot is dishwasher safe.

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