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Daily Deal: The Travel Mug With Over 19,600 Amazon Reviews is On Sale Right Now

* This travel mug has over 19,600 reviews
* Spill and leak proof (there’s a difference)
* A few colors are on sale right now at Amazon

We’ve sent a man to the moon, connected the world online, and finally, after many failed attempts, we’ve got the perfect travel mug.

This best-selling Contigo travel mug has almost 20,000 reviews because it’s actually spill and leak proof. This means no more coffee smell in your car, no worrying about keyboards at work, and no more coffee stains on your pants. Today, Amazon is running a deal on a few color options for the mug, cutting the price over 30% in some cases.

One of the best deals is this large 24oz mug (enough for 2 cups of Joe) that’s going for just $21. Check it out below.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

The main reason these Contigo mugs have so many good reviews is the advanced spill and leak proofing, but they have other noteworthy features too. For one, they’ll keep a hot beverage hot for up to 5 hours (although reviewers say it lasts even longer) and an ice tea or other cold drink cold for up to 12 hours. Plus, reviewers say it’s very easy to use in the car or while walking, whereas some other mugs require that slow, cautious sipping we know too well.