Vacuum Sealers Help Keep Food Fresh — Here’s Why It’s Time to Buy One

best vacuum sealers
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If you are someone who regularly cooks at home and frequently find yourself storing extra meat that is getting freezer burn, a vacuum sealer will solve that problem. Vacuum sealers remove all the air out of the plastic bag that contains your food and prevents it from losing its freshness and flavor. Vacuum sealers also keep your food from getting freezer burned. Produce is another great food to vacuum seal because the vacuum sealer will prevent the produce from clumping together in the freezer. If you are storing your vacuum sealed foods in the fridge, you’ll notice they last weeks instead of just days. Other foods like flour, sugar, and spices can also be vacuum sealed to prolong freshness.

When you’re on the market for a vacuum sealer you want to make sure it has automatic sealing, a removable drip tray that catches any liquid sucked up during the sealing process, and built in bag storage. We’ve chosen three of the top vacuum sealers that are easy to use and will keep your food fresh.

David Guess
9 months
Another con is the cheap plastic used to drive to pump. Piston cracks or breaks off and...


1. Foodsaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer Machine

The Foodsaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer is simple to use and does an does its job well. What’s more, the Foodsaver is an automatic sealer that comes with automatic bag detection. All you have to do is place the bag in the chamber and the machine will seal on its own. This machine also has built-in roll storage that allows you to customize the bag size to whatever food you are sealing. This vacuum sealer is a durable, heavy-duty machine that works for sealing all different types of foods.

David Guess
9 months
Another con is the cheap plastic used to drive to pump. Piston cracks or breaks off and…

The Foodsave also features a removable drip tray and automatic moisture detection. If the sealer detects any moisture in the bag while its sealing, it will automatically adjust modes to ensure no moisture remains in the bag.  This is an all-around reliable sealer that does most of the work for you.

PROS: Has a suction feature to remove the air out of Ziploc bags.

CONS: Need to remove as much liquid as possible before sealing.

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2. NutriChef Vacuum Sealer

The Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer is an automatic sealer that will add dab of style to your kitchen with its modern design. This vacuum sealer provides you with the most bang for your buck thanks to its impressive range of features and impressively low price point. It features two sealing mode options, dry or moist,  depending on what you’re sealing. The sealer also comes with an air suction hose, five vacuum bags, one vacuum bag roll, and a wine stopper cork. Many vacuum sealers require you to buy a separate hose for suctioning and all too often, the hose doesn’t fit the vacuum sealer. Thankfully, this unit comes with its own suctioning hose. This a high-quality vacuum sealer that is easy to use and won’t break the bank. If you are new to vacuum sealing, the NutriChef is a fantastic place to start.

PROS: Comes with suctioning hose.

CONS: Doesn’t come with a removable drip tray.

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3. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer with Starter Kit

The Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer is a reliable, easy-to-use machine. For its price, the sealer does a good job at suctioning and sealing efficiently. This model doesn’t come with a roll cutter or roll storage so you aren’t able to cut customized bag sizes, but you can cut bag sizes yourself using a separate cutter. But, for its ability to seal, this machine does a good job. It doesn’t have the extra features some of the more expensive models have, but for its price you are getting a reliable unit that will keep your food fresh.

PROS: The lid easily locks with a lock and lid latch.

CONS: Doesn’t include an in-unit bag storage or bag cutter.

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