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These Chic Water Bottles Look Like Designer Handbags

* Four stylish water bottles that look like they belong on the catwalk
* An easy way to stay hydrated while still remaining fashionable
* Design options include spiked, crocodile-skin and flat

Looking fashionable and staying hydrated are two tasks rarely mentioned in the same breath. However, with this selection of designer handbag-inspired bottles, making sure you drink enough water every day has never looked so good. From a spiky BKR bottle to a flattened design that can sit between your laptop and books in your handbag, these bottles manage to successfully walk the line between function and style.

1. Hip Tritan Water Bottle

With its faux crocodile skin covering, the Hip Tritan Plastic Water Bottle mixes function with fashion. When ordering, you’ll have a choice of six different color choices for your bottle, including black, red, mint and ocean. That way, you can pick out the ideal color to match your other everyday carry items. The bottle itself features a screw cap lid with an attached side strap, metal clip and a clear top half. The Hip is ideal for use at work, home, the gym and when you are out and about.

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2. Deluxe Cool It! Glass Water Bottle

This fancy looking bottle features a tubular design with a spherical, screw-on lid. It also comes with a silicone sleeve to make carrying your bottle super simple and keep your liquids at the temperature you desire. Furthermore, the transparent glass bottle, lid and sleeve are available in six color choices, which allows you to choose one that best suits you. In addition, the Deluxe Cool It! Bottle is ideal for daily life as it fits easily into most cup holders as well as your everyday handbag.

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3. Memobottle The Flat Water Bottle

Carrying around a traditional cylindrical bottle can definitely have its downsides. Any time you lay it down, it tries to escape, and stacking a round bottle within books, magazines or other items in a bag is an equation that doesn’t balance. For that reason, the Memobottle is the answer to several problems. This BPA-free bottle features a flat design that means it can fit alongside books and laptops without a problem. And that’s great for backpacks, handbags or really any time you need to carry a bottle in a stack with other items. In addition, the Memobottle comes in a range of sizes, including A5, A6 and A7. And as an added bonus, each bottle sold delivers two months of clean drinking water to a person in need around the world.

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4. BKR Spiked 16-Ounce Water Bottle

BKR has quickly become the most coveted of water bottles. Celebrities are regularly spotted carrying one of these bottles, but the simple truth is that they’re priced for the masses. This spiked BKR is one of the most striking bottles on our list. Not only does the sleeve give the bottle an individual look worthy of the catwalk from which it was inspired, it also makes carrying and handling the bottle especially easy. This particular BKR is available in six colors and fits easily in most cup holders. The bottle itself holds 16 ounces and has a screw-top cap with an carrying loop attached.

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