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Your Sparkling Water Will Taste So Much More Expensive When You Make It From This Fancy Gold Carbonator

* We just found the best water carbonator on the market
* This Aarke machine features a stylish design and a premium build
* Why it’s better than the popular SodaStream

We just found a water carbonator fit for a king… but it’ll actually end up saving you money.

Water carbonators have become a go-to kitchen upgrade for anyone that enjoys sparkling water. They inject any liquid with fresh fizzy bubbles (typically tap or filtered water but also homemade juices and more) at home. This saves you trips to the grocery store, while also greatly reducing your spending and plastic footprint from buying bottled sparkling water. In short, if you drink sparkling water at home, a carbonator is a great investment.

Recently, we discovered our new favorite water carbonator. It’s called the Aarke, and it might be one of the best looking kitchen appliances you can buy right now.

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Obviously, we have to compare the Aarke to the SodaStream; the most popular water carbonator on the market. SodaStreams are cheap and compact and get the job done, but they have two big problems: poor build quality and an ugly design. The Aarke, on the other hand, actually upgrades the look and sophistication of your kitchen while serving a purpose. Aarke’s superior build quality and materials also give them a longer lifespan than SodaStreams, so the price ends up evening out.

The Aarke stands at 16 inches tall and showcases a compact, modern design. Plus, it comes in four colors – white, stainless steel, brass and matte black – to match your kitchen’s look.

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Image courtesy of Amazon