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3 Reasons Why You Should Join The California Wine Club

* Get exactly what you want from customized orders
* Get an exclusive education on California wine
* Get exclusive discounts and $1 shipping 

As you progress from your 20s into your 30s and finally your (sighs) 40s, you may be tempted to bouge it up by becoming a connoisseur of wine. Joining a wine club is a great idea for anyone who wants to achieve amateur sommelier status. The only question is which one?

While good prices and great wine are two determining factors, they aren’t quite enough to make a wine club worth the effort. If all you’re getting is a monthly delivery, there’s not much reason to stop buying your wine at the grocery store.

When you join a wine club, you need one that offers enough flexibility to give you exactly what you want. You also want a club that educates you about the wine you’re drinking. Finally, you need great member perks. Those are the reasons we love The California Wine Club.

1. The Flexibility You Need
The first thing we like about California Wine Club is that you get to choose between five different membership levels. From the Premier Series ($39.95/month), which brings you handcrafted, award-winning wines from family-owned wineries, to the Aged Cabernet Series ($219/month), which offers access to Napa Valley’s most prestigious Cabernets, you’re certain to find the package that works for you. Find your membership level here.

You can also customize your order so that you get exactly what you want, whether it be all red, all white, or half and half. You can also choose how much wine you want delivered (two bottles or four) and how often you want your wine delivered (monthly, every-other-month, or quarterly).

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2. Learn About the Wine
All of your deliveries come with the current issue of Uncorked, the wine club’s own magazine. They cover featured wineries, tasting notes, and winery recipes. As they put it, “It is like visiting the featured wineries from the comfort of home.”

Not only do you get the magazine, but you also get access to a personal wine consultant by phone or chat. The consultants are there to answer questions about wine storing, serving, varietals and wine pairings. Think of them as your personal sommelier.

You’ll enjoy exclusive VIP tours of the wineries they feature. Membership comes with a travel guide to California’s wine country that includes recommendations on restaurants, hotels and other stops.

3. Membership Has Its Perks
With Wine Country Life Extras, members get exclusive discounts from The California Wine Club’s partners. You also get exemplary customer service that includes the Love It Guarantee: If a bottle is damaged or you don’t love it, you’ll get a full refund and don’t even have to return the bottle.

Once you’ve tasted wines from your shipment and decided what you like, you can order more for up to 50% off regular price, plus pay only $1 for shipping. Finally — and this really is unique — they’ll store your wine for you at a controlled temperature when you travel.

The California Wine Club offers everything you could hope for from membership. Not only do you get great wines at great prices, but you can also tailor your orders, get educated and enjoy special member perks. We’ll cheers to that.

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