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These Wine Decanters Will Make You Look Like You Know What You’re Doing

Ah, breathing. Yes, something that we do effortlessly as humans, as does pretty much every other living creature on Earth. But did you know your wine needs to breathe too? Yeah, it can do that too, besides getting you two sheets to the wind unexpectedly. The best wine decanters allow your wine to breathe by exposing it to the air after several years in a bottle, barrel or both. This process helps to enhance the flavor of your wine. We won’t get too scientific here, but essentially, there are tannins and gases in your wine that get released as it aerates in the decanter. Cool, huh?

Wine decanters are typically made out of glass. They also come in funny shapes that will borderline make you look like a snob or an astute wine drinker — we’re hoping that it’s the latter of the two. There is a reason for the odd shapes, as they help expose more of the wine to the air by increasing the overall surface area. Some of the best wine decanters also come with wine filters to help increase the flavor of the wine after it’s been opened. All in all, wine decanters help to make your wine drinking experience *that* much enjoyable.

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Below, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best wine decanters that are definitely worth your money.


1. Le Chateau Wine Decanter


This decanter has a fancy look that will appeal to anyone’s senses. It features crystal as the main glass used in creation. It has a 750 mL capacity and will definitely make people think you know what you’re doing. As you can see, it also has a slanted easy pour spout to help with pouring, obviously. It’s fancy and you’ll love it.

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2. HiCoup Wine Decanter


For those who like different and interesting shapes, this option from HiCoup will most likely pique your fancy. It’s in a nice u-shape that will most likely make your family members ask, “What’s that?” It features 100% lead-free, hand-blown crystal for a polished look and feel. This decanter will definitely like your wine give off the right vibe upon drinking.

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3. Nutriups Wine Decanter


This option has a little hole that make handling the decanter easy and efficient. It will add an elegant and refined look to any home’s aesthetic. It also comes with a flexible decanter cleaning brush and cork stopper. Its slender shape and slanted spout will help make pouring a cinch as well. With a reasonable price and interesting design, this wine decanter also makes a great gift for any occasion.

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4. The Jancis Robinson Collection by Richard Brendon The Old & Young Wine Decanter


If you’re more of a modern person, then the one on the left will better suit you. If you’re more of a vintage person, then the option on the right will better suit you. The 100% lead-free glass of the decanters make them easy to clean as well — just wash the decanters by hand and dry them with a lint-free cloth. They’ll look right at home on your bar cart next to your finest whiskey decanters.

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5. Menu Wine Breather Decanter


This decanter has an extremely vintage look that will appeal to your feelings of yesteryear. It adds ten times the amount of oxygen to your bottle of wine in two minutes time. Just attach your wine bottle, upside down, into the decanter and watch the wine flow into the decanter. And if you don’t finish the bottle, simply pour it back into your bottle with the wine breather adaptor included with the decanter. Consider this option your “all-in-one.”

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6. YouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter


There is a fine filter in the aerator which helps to remove small particles and impurities. The bottle stopper uses a waterfall design, which helps to increase the contact between the air and wine and enhance its flavor. The brand advises that you only wait three-five minutes and that you avoid the longer waits. And also, the iceberg in the bottom adds a fun and flashy flair.

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7. Vintorio Wine Decanter


This wine carafe is suitable for everyday use. It has a concave aerator base and slanted rim for an efficient, sleek design. Also, it holds 44 ounces and is dishwasher, break-resistant and features lead-free crystal glass.

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9. Final Touch Wine Scent and Flavor Enhancer Decanter


A fun, useful option comes from Final Touch and features a wine glass within the decanter. The filtering screen within the decanter removes sediments and other impurities so that your wine is fresh and flavorful. There is a total of eight aerator holes within this decanter.

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Bed, Bath and Beyond

10. Wine Enthusiast Art Series Treble 53 oz. Wine Decanter


For those who want a more unique design within a decanter this option from Wine Enthusiast is one of the most unique. It can serve six-twelve eight-ounce glasses of wine. Also, it can serve as a stylish centerpiece that will definitely turn some heads. It’s not dishwasher safe, but it does feature lead-free crystal.

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