Reimagine Your Next Wine Wednesday With These 10 Must-Have Wine Tools

Crate & Barrel Aervana Electric Wine
Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

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It’s Wednesday, my dudes — and you know what that means. It’s time to sit your ass down on the couch, kick those feet up and pop open a bottle of wine for another run-through of Squid Game. Whether you’re sipping red, white, the best rosé or maybe even a glass of bubbly, there’s no better feeling than taking a load off from the day with a glass of wine in hand. But, next time you uncork your favorite bottle, we suggest you come prepared with the best wine tools to make your wine night the most effortless it ever has been.

The best wine tools aren’t only what you’re using to uncork the bottle, they’re also various gadgets and gizmos used for a multitude of wine-related reasons. Think in the realm of keeping a bottle fresh, bringing out hidden flavors, holding your bottle and more. The best wine tools come in a variety of shapes, sizes and uses — ideal for every single bottle you recently splurged on with your recent wine club purchase. Yeah, we couldn’t forget about those deals either.

Whether you’re adding to the collection piling up on your bar cart or looking for the best gift to give your wine-loving friend, these wine tools make for an excellent addition to any wine drinker’s home. Check out your next reason to pour another glass down below.


1. OXO Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew


Oh, the classic corkscrew. How we have a love/hate relationship with her. It’s happened to all of us. You grab a bottle of red from your wine rank, pull out the jenky corkscrew you’ve been using since college, stick it in the cork and pull for half of the cork to break off and get lost in the bottle. You spend 15 minutes trying to get the cork out and decide it’s best to push it in. When you do, it’s a wine explosion. Red on your clothes. Red on the ceiling. Red on your face. It’s a scene nobody wants to clean up.

Thankfully, you can throw that rusty old corkscrew right in the garbage when you get the easy-to-use OXO corkscrew. Instead of tediously risky pushing and pulling, the OXO does the job for you with two effortless motions. Place it on top, push the lever down, pull it back up and there it is. An open bottle of wine that took one second to open. Once you have this, you’ll never go back to a normal corkscrew again.

OXO Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew Courtesy of Amazon


2. cayuan Wine Bottle Stoppers


So, you’ve uncorked your bottle of wine and you don’t finish the bottle. Shocking. You decide you want to save it for another day so you shove the cork back in and open your fridge to find no standing room at all. You want to lay it on itside, but corks are… tricky. The possibility of it falling off and making a mess of your entire fridge is way too high and you simply don’t want to risk it. If only there were another safer method to close your bottle back up. Well, turns out there is. The cayuan wine bottle stopper from Amazon easily re-corks your bottle by using a special, tight-sealed lever that’s entirely leakproof. Not only that, but it can also pop open a beer and cut foil as needed.

cayuan Wine Bottle Stoppers Courtesy of Amazon


3. Homeries Marble Wine Chiller Bucket


Stop! Putting! Ice! In! Your! Wine! You’re just watering it down and losing all that flavor. Keep your wine chilled instead by placing the bottle in the fridge and then into this chiller bucket when you need the bottle by your side. This marble wine chiller naturally holds the cold temperature of your bottle and keeps every glass chilled even when the bottle is sitting on your table. It has a very stylish and modern design to it that blends with the furniture qute nicely, too. You can even bring it with you on the go for a nice chilled bottle out in the world. If you want it extra cold, we suggest sticking the bucket in the fridge for a little bit for some added chill.

Homeries Marble Wine Chiller Bucket Courtesy of Amazon


4. PureWine Wand Purifier Filter Stick


A stick that removes histamines and sulfates to diminish wine headaches and allergies? We’ll take 20. PuraWine’s Wand comes in a box of eight different sticks that are meant to be stirred in your glass. When doing so, you’re taking out everything that gives you headaches, skin flushes, runny noses, upset stomach and most importantly, next-day hangovers. With a quick swirl, the stick will take our all histamines and sulfates without changing the taste or color of your red, white or sparkling. It’s the only product in the world with the ability to take out both histamines and sulfates at once and is made only for one-time use.

PureWine Wand Purifier Filter Stick Courtesy of Amazon


5. Champagne Stoppers by Kloveo


The best part about bubbly? It’s delicious and has bubbles. Duh. The worst part? If you don’t finish a bottle the day you open it, those delicious bubbles disappear faster than you can even say the word bubbles. Put it in the fridge overnight and you’ll have yourself a bottle of the stillest wine the world has ever seen. But, the #1 bubbly bottle stopper making noise across France and Italy is here to help you out. This authentically Italian stainless steel stopper goes directly over the nose of your bubbly bottle to keep bubbles bubbling until the very last drop. It works by allowing pressure to build inside the bottle for the nodule to push itself outward, creating a bubble-tight seal in the process. Each time you open it, you’ll get that fizz you got with the very first pop.

Champagne Stoppers by Kloveo Courtesy of Amazon


6. YWQ Magnetic Design Wine Foil Cutter


The YWQ wine foil cutter makes tackling that top foil easier than you could ever imagine. You know what that means, right? No more slicing those fingers of yours with foil. Halelujah. These cutters come in a pack of two to ergonomically get rid of foil with the flick of the wrist. Each foil cutter is magnetized so you can place it on your fridge for safekeeping. A magnet with a purpose!

YWQ Magnetic Design Wine Foil Cutter Courtesy of Amazon


7. Guzzle Buddy The Ultimate Wine Glass


Okay, no one needs this, but we can’t help but want it desperately. Guzzle Buddy creates the most ridiculous wine glass in the world. It quite literally screws into the top of your bottle so you can pretend you’re drinking from a wine glass when you’re actually slugging back wine directly from the source. It’s for one of those days. You know the ones. And, hey, it even fits on beer bottles.

Guzzle Buddy The Ultimate Wine Glass Courtesy of Amazon


8. YETI Rambler Wine Tumbler


Introducing the best wine tool everybody does need desperately: this gorgeous insulated wine tumbler from YETI. How are you drinking your wine lately? The average stemmed glass? Okay, we get it, old-school. Chic. Vintage. But, step it up, people. It’s 2021. The YETI wine tumbler is the wine cup of the future. It keeps your drink ice cold for hours and refuses to break when dropped. We know you get clumsy. To top it all off, this wine tumbler is entirely dishwasher safe.

YETI Rambler Wine Tumbler Courtesy of YETI


9. Crate & Barrel Aervana Electric Wine Aerator


If you’ve never had the chance to use a wine aerator, you’ll quickly learn that these babies are kind of magical. It’s said that wine needs to breathe for a bit in order for drinkers to experience the flavor they’re meant to be sipped at. Wine aerators let your wine breathe before it hits your glass for an explosion of flavor you weren’t expecting. Typically, wine aerators stick to the top of your bottle for users to tip over and pour into the glass. The Aervana however snaps on top to create a sort of wine faucet that eradicates the need to pour. Wine made delicious and easy. Who can hate that?

Crate & Barrel Aervana Electric Wine Aerator Courtesy of Crate & Barrel


10. PortoVino City Wine Tote Bag


We know some of you try sneaking liquor into places deemed unacceptable. We get it, we’ve done it too. If you want to bring your love of wine into the wild in a sneaky way, consider this tote bag from PortoVino. This is made specifically for bags of wine and works by shooting wine from the spiget directly out the side. It’s genius.

PortoVino City Wine Tote Bag Courtesy of Amazon