Bodum’s Double Wall Glass Cup Completes Your Moment of Zen

Bodum Double Wall Glass Cup for

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* Double wall glass construction
* Cup stays cool to touch with hot liquids
* Will never leave water stains on coffee table

There’s nothing like unwinding at the end of the day with a nice cup of hot tea. Whether it’s a spot of chamomile as you get ready for bed or a steaming cup of green tea to take the tension away, tea is always a good, faithful friend to have by your side. This is precisely why Bodum’s double-wall glass cup is so handy. 

bodum glass cup

The double-wall glass construction of this cup makes it extremely helpful for holding and placing on tabletops. This cup will never feel hot to the touch, which means you can safely pour that boiling water over tea leaves and not worry about burning your hand as you reach for your cup of peace.

However, this cup is not only for tea. It’s also great for an espresso shot, for serving dessert and can hold cold beverages too, without the normal condensation that builds up on the outside of other cups. The double-wall glass construction means this cup will never “sweat” and leave a nasty water stain on your beloved table. 

Sold in a set of two, each piece is handmade and features mouth-blown glass by expert artisans. The glasses hold approximately 12 oz. of your favorite beverage, and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

With Bodum’s double-wall glass cup there are no more burned hands and no more chasing guests around with a towel wiping cup rings off the table. Now you can sit and sip in comfort as you enjoy that moment of Zen. 

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