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SPY Guide: 5 Ways to Clean Up After a Night of Drinking

* Reaches deep into bottles
* Easy ways to keep glassware sparkling
* From $6.69 – $13.99

The worst part of entertaining guests is having to tidy up after they leave. Not to worry. We’ve assembled this list of handy, helpful glass and bottle cleaners to get you ready for the next shin-dig in no time.

1. KUWAN Bottle Cleaning Brush

The KUWAN Bottle Cleaning Brush may look a little strange, but it’s designed to bend around inside glassware and clean all those difficult to reach areas. This flexible, soft, lightweight sponge brush is ideal for dusting wine decanters, goblets, and tumblers. It even gets dirt on the bottom of the glass; it’s also reusable.


2. True Wine Wipes (12 Pack)

We all love red wine, but the stain it can leave on your teeth and lips just won’t do. True Wine Wipes solve that problem by cleansing your palate between tastings while protecting your teeth. They have a delightful orange blossom flavor, and each packet comes with 12 individually wrapped wipes


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3. Full Circle Crystal Clear Glassware Cleaning Sponge

Having trouble removing lipstick off you dishes? Try the Full Circle Crystal Clear Glassware Cleaning Sponge. It busts through tough marks and sticky residue while reaching inside tall glasses. The layered cellulose sponge pulls up everything in its way, while the thick handle gives you extra leverage and allows it to stand upright when you’re finished cleaning.


4. Long Bottle Cleaning Brush (3 Pack)

Hands, sponges and dishrags were not designed to fit inside narrow bottles. Fortunately, these long bottle cleaning brushes slide into the narrowest necked beer, wine and kombucha bottles, as well as thermoses, pitchers, carafes, baby bottles and plenty more. These brushes feature 8-inch bendable brush heads with 2.5-inch extra wide bristles.


5. SUPER Microfiber Glass Wine Polishing Cloth

You might drain your wine bottles of their intoxicating contents, but they’re still wet after washing. This SUPER Microfiber Polishing Cloth absorbs seven times its weight in water to quickly dry your glassware without leaving water spots or streaks. Use the smooth side to polish them to an immaculate shine.

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