Bottle Opener Silverware: A Swiss Army Knife for the Kitchen?

Fork of all Trades: Bottle Opener
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* Hand-finished stainless steel
* Durable and high-quality
* Never be caught without a bottle opener at dinner

This 3 piece silverware set from Brew Cutlery is complete with a built-in bottle opener. Brew Cutlery is known for taking a simple idea and making it elegant and efficient, and this set does just that. Bottle openers, after all, are practically just as famous for not being there when you need them as they are for opening bottles. This stainless steel set from Brew Cutlery features a spoon with a built-in bottle opener so even when you think you’re out of luck, your spoon’s secret talents will surprise you. Plus, this set comes in one compact package, ideal for picnics and beach days.

The handles are thick and the bottle opener’s shape provides grip comfort. But this unique cutlery set goes beyond its novelty design and excels at the basic duties of a high quality silverware set. Nicely weighted and ergonomically shaped, the fork and knife work well together when teaming up to help lessen the work load when enjoying a fine steak or pasta dish. The spoon/bottle opener is a standard tablespoon size and works great for a wide variety of mixing functions. The Brew Cutlery silverware set is dishwasher safe and hand finished in a durable, 18/8 stainless steel. The set makes a great housewarming or graduation gift, as well.

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