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BottleLoft Magnetic Strips Suspend Beers from Your Fridge for Easy Display

A well-stocked fridge is a wonderful thing. But the more crammed a fridge, the harder it is to find what you’re looking for.

That’s why a crafty product like BotteLoft magnetic fridge strips exist. These easily installable strips can be affixed to the top portion of your fridge. Once in place, the three magnets help easily store your bottles out of the way of other things in your fridge, while also just looking really f’ing cool suspended from your fridge. When we spotted this on UncommonGoods we couldn’t help but share because we immediately wanted this for ourselves.

How does it work? Well, the adhesive is similar in strength to the kind you’d see from a 3M command strip, which also makes them easy to remove when you’re ready for a brew. Meanwhile, the magnets themselves are made from Neodymium. While it sounds like it’s something you’d find in a Sci-Fi movie, that material can hold up to 3x the amount of a standard 12oz bottle—all from the cap.

BottleLoft Magnetic Fridge Strips

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Both practical and just plain sweet looking, the BottleLoft is a must-have for any avid beer fanatic, craft or otherwise. Sure, it may seem like a cool party trick (and it most certainly is), but that doesn’t mean there’s not some good functionality at play. And you can use it for more than just beer: Any sort of metal bottle does the trick, from Topo Chicos all the way to classic bottles of your favorite soda. Whatever you decide to dangle from them, know that you’ll be quick to turn heads and start a conversation when you tell your friend to go ‘help himself’ to a drink.

If you know a beer lover, these strips will also make for a cool housewarming present or gift for the holiday. It’s something you can be sure they won’t have themselves and you can introduce a product to them that’s both fun and ingenious at the same time. Now that’s worth toasting to with a cold brew!

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