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This Breakfast Sandwich Maker Will Change Your Morning Routine

* Cooks meals in five minutes or less
* Digital timer lets you know when your food is ready
* All removable parts are dishwasher safe

What would you say is the perfect breakfast? For some, it’s a simple bowl of cereal, while for others it’s a side of fresh fruit and yogurt. For most, the answer is “Whatever I can eat on the go because I hit the snooze button a dozen times — now I’m late for work!” 

Luckily, Hamilton Beach is here to save the day with their incredible Breakfast Sandwich Maker, a magical appliance that makes scrumptious sandwiches in no time.

Here’s how it works: Start by preheating the pan. Once the light turns green, place the ingredients you want toasted on the bottom ring — say a whole-wheat bagel, some Pimento cheese and a slice of tomato. Then add an egg to the cooking plate, top it off with the other half of the bagel, and close the lid. Set the timer, and you’ll have a nutritious, delicious breakfast in five minutes flat.

This all-in-one appliance lets you toast and cook at the same time, giving you those precious extra minutes in the morning. You won’t have to worry about struggling with cleaning different pans, grills and a toaster afterward — all the removable parts are dishwasher friendly. This simple appliance makes it easier to cook and gives you more time to sleep in.

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