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Ex Filtration: Why Your Fridge Needs a Better Brita

* Stainless steel pitcher with built-in water filter
* Electronic indicator to show when it’s time to change your filter
* Helps reduce chemical flavor and odors for great tasting water

Enjoy tastier and healthier water with this stylish and re-vamped Brita pitcher. Featuring a built-in filter and an attractive stainless steel design, this Brita water filtration system is strides ahead of the white and clear plastic version you used in college.

In addition to its sleek and striking looks, the Brita Pitcher is certified to help remove the copper, mercury and cadmium found in tap water while reducing its chlorine taste and odor. You might not know it, but chemicals commonly found in tap water can have adverse effects over time. Studies have shown that drinking filtered water can improve your health by reducing the number of harmful chemicals ingested. 

With its contemporary, stainless steel design, the Brita Pitcher oozes sophistication and would sit nicely on any family dinner table or in a shared office space. The outer metal is fingerprint resistant, and the 8-cup jug is completely BPA-free. Each pitcher sports an easy-grip handle and a flip top lid to make refilling effortless.

Inside the jug, you’ll find Brita’s state of the arc water filtration system which houses one replaceable filter. Brita has also solved the age-old problem of not knowing when to change your filter. Each pitcher now has an electronic filter indicator which will tell you when it is time for a replacement.

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