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Thanksgiving Plans? ButcherBox Meat Delivery is Giving Out Free Turkeys For All New Members

In case you haven’t already heard of ButcherBox, they’re one of the best meat delivery services out there for high-quality, humanely-raised protein of all kinds. From now until November 16th, or while supplies last, they are offering a free turkey to new subscribers that will be delivered by Thanksgiving. I mean, what a deal? You can take care of the star of your Thanksgiving dinner and you don’t have to lug it home from the store.

ButcherBox has a monthly subscription model where you can choose pre-picked boxes of beef, chicken and pork or customize your delivery from a plethora of premium meat options. They pride themselves on the quality of their meats including grass-fed and grass-finished beef, heritage-breed pork and free-range organic chicken. All of their shipping is free and their meats total out to about $6 a meal on most of their plans. I personally use this service, and absolutely love it.

All of the meat comes frozen with thawing instructions on the packaging, and it’s all very high-quality and easy to cook. They’ve also got one of the widest selections out there of meat, pork, chicken and fish out of all the meat delivery services I’ve perused. You can get everything from chicken thighs to scallops to shrimp and filet mignon steaks.

You can choose exactly what’s in your box each and every month and canceling is easy (although I have yet to do that). They source all of their food from farmers who don’t use hormones or antibiotics, who feed their animals high-quality food and are dedicated to sustainable farming practices.

Your order is shipped in an eco-friendly box and the freezing inside works quite well – I’ve never had anything arrive thawed in the slightest and never gotten sick from anything. It’s a high-quality service and this intro deal is hard to beat. If you’re stressed about the Thanksgiving rush this year — I highly recommend signing up for this service and taking advantage. The turkeys will be between 10-14 pounds and will be delivered along with your first meat delivery box.