O Canada: 10 Canadian Junk Food Snacks to Try This Fall

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* If you’re in the mood for a splurge, try something new
* Canada is full of unique chip flavors and creamy chocolates you won’t find in the States
* Buy these exclusive-to-Canada snacks on Amazon

While it should be your goal, you simply can’t eat healthy and preservative-free all the time. Arm yourself with some unique junk food snacks that are exclusive to Canada, to make sure you’re prepared the next time a snack attack strikes. You can buy these Canadian snacks on Amazon, but you won’t be able to find them at your local supermarket or convenience shop, so we suggest buying these goodies in bulk.

1. Tim Horton’s Coffee

Canada’s most popular fast food chain is known for its delicious coffee, donuts, and convenient drive-thru’s. With one seated on just about every street corner, it’s a convenient choice for grabbing breakfast on the go, and is a morning tradition for many Canadians. But for folks in the States (unless you live near US-Canada border areas), the next best thing is brewing your cup of their signature coffee at home.

4 years
As a Canadian I approve this list. Well you can probably skip the the Tim Horton's coffee...

4 years
As a Canadian I approve this list. Well you can probably skip the the Tim Horton’s coffee…
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2. Dill Pickle Chips

If you’re a fan of salt and vinegar flavored chips, you’re going to love the Canadian spin-off, dill pickle. These dill pickle flavored chips from Lay’s are so popular, they even have their own fan page on Facebook. Join the club.

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3. All Dressed Chips

Some describe these as the everything bagel of chips. Basically, they combine barbecue, sour cream and onion, salt and vinegar, and ketchup flavors all in one delicious chip. Naturally, these make a great option for indecisive snackers.

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4. Maple Cream Cookies

Canadians are serious about their maple–after all, it is their national symbol. Their signature maple syrup and cream cookies are made with creamy, maple butter, sandwiched between two maple leaf-shaped biscuits. Try these novel cookies next time you’re in the mood for a fall treat.

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5. Ketchup Potato Chips

Ketchup is delicious on french fries, so why wouldn’t it be just as tasty on potato chips? The pairing seems only natural, but for some reason, America missed the boat on this genius idea. Fortunately, you can find this flavor on Amazon. Tip: buy in bulk.

Old Hutch Ketchup Chips AmazonImage courtesy of Amazon


6. Coffee Crisp Bar

This cult-status candy bar is made up of a vanilla wafer base with coffee-flavored cream inside and a chocolate-like coating. This beloved bar was the subject of a 6-year running petition that urged Nestle to market the product in the United States. While the effort proved a success for a couple of years, Nestle Canada pulled their marketing efforts in the U.S. back in 2009. For now, you’ll have to get your fix on Amazon.

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7. Swedish Berries

In U.S. we have the chewy, red, and ambiguously fruit-flavored Swedish Fish, but Canada’s version comes in a berry format and pink packaging. Maynard’s Swedish Berries—according to the internet—have the same texture as their fish counterparts, but have an arguably stronger flavor.

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8. Caramilk Bar

Cadbury makes one of the most creamy formulations of chocolate ever created. One of their most renowned—and exclusive to Canada— bars is the Caramilk: a milk chocolate candy bar, with each square filled to the brim with a smooth caramel filling.

Caramilk chocolate bars canadaImage courtesy of Amazon


9. Jos Louis Cakes

Canada’s Jos Louis cakes put Twinkies and Ding Dong’s to absolute shame. These pre-wrapped treats are made up of two red-velvet flavored cake rounds stuffed with cream and coated in chocolate. They also come in a tasty peanut butter and jelly flavor that’s equally as delicious.

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10. Hickory Sticks

Hostess (no relation to the U.S. bakery brand) Hickory Sticks are thin, french fry-shaped potato chips seasoned with a smoky, barbecue zest. They’re about three times thicker than your average potato chip, and they have a really satisfying crunch to them that’s hard to beat.

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