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Brew a Perfectly-Portioned Cup With These Coffee Scoops

French press, pour-over, drip — everyone has their preferred coffee method. The way you brew your coffee affects the taste. But what about the way you scoop your coffee?

This step in your coffee ritual might be more important than you think. The best coffee scoop can help you measure the grounds perfectly, which ultimately perfects your morning cup.

So, what should you look for in a coffee scoop?

It’s important to check that the scoop has a clear measurement. This allows you to create the ideal grounds-to-water ratio. You’ll also want to make sure that scoop is compatible with your chosen brewing method. If you brew in a large french press, you’ll want a larger scoop. However, you should find a mess-free scoop if you have reusable pods. Scoops come in a variety of materials as well, so consider your personal preference.

To help you narrow down your options, we’ve rounded up some of the best coffee scoops for every caffeine fanatic.

1. OXO POP Container Coffee Scoop

This clear coffee scoop is part of OXO’s line of POP container accessory. The scoop holds two tablespoons or 30 mL, attaching to the underside of lid types A, B, C and D. So, be sure to check your container before buying. There are a number of other products in this accessory line, and you can buy matching items for other kitchen tasks.

Pros: The scoop is the perfect size for coffee, even if you don’t have the matching container. The handle is easy to hold.

Cons: The scoop only attaches to certain OXO POP containers. It might be too small if you’re brewing full pots of coffee.

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2. Perfect Pod EZ-Scoop

If you use reusable coffee capsules, it can be tricky to keep grounds off the counter when refilling them. This convenient scoop closes and acts as a funnel for the coffee grounds. The plastic scoop holds two tablespoons of coffee, which fits most pods perfectly. You can scoop your coffee quickly and precisely with this product.

Pros: The scoop measures out the exact amount of grounds you’ll need for a reusable pod.

Cons: It takes some time to get the hang of the scoop, so you might make some messes at first. It can be tricky to scoop coffee out of a bag with this product.

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3. 1Easylife Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop

This stainless steel coffee scoop is built to last. The material is resistant to bending and rusting and is dishwasher-safe. You can scoop two tablespoons, or 30mL, of coffee, and the measurements are engraved on the handle. Use this multipurpose spoon for baking ingredients and protein powder as well. This product is available in packs of one or two.

Pros: The measurements are accurate. The scoop truly is durable, so you can likely use it for years without damage.

Cons: The scoop is heavy, so it might sink slightly into the coffee grounds if you store it that way.

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4. Norpro Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop

Norpro’s coffee scoop covers all the basics. The stainless steel construction is durable and easy to hold. It accurately measures out two tablespoons, so you can use it for coffee, baking and cooking. The long handle makes it easy to scoop coffee out of any size container. However, keep in mind that the entire scoop is eight inches long. You can purchase one or two scoops with your order.

Pros: The long handle keeps your hands clean while you scoop coffee or baking ingredients. The stainless steel is durable.

Cons: The 8-inch scoop might not fit into typical coffee containers.

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5. Chef Craft Coffee Scoop

If you want to measure out one tablespoon at a time, this plastic scoop is a great option. This product is dishwasher-safe and easy to hold. The handle is 3 inches long, so it can fit inside most coffee bags or canisters. You’ll receive two scoops with your order.

Pros: The plastic material is durable. The 3-inch handle is comfortable enough to hold and small enough to fit inside coffee containers.

Cons: These scoops might not be an upgrade from what comes with a typical coffee container.

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