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Caraway Is Back At It With A New Line Food Storage Containers To Match Their Best Selling Cookware

Caraway just released a food storage set that’s not only convenient and safe but also colorfully crafted to spruce up your kitchen, making for an Instagram-worthy presentation that easily fits in your fridge or lunch tote.

As one of our favorite kitchen goods brands, Caraway has been on SPY’s radar for quite some time. We absolutely love their beautifully designed cookware, bakeware, and other products that they’ve added to their ever-growing line.

Released on October 20, the Caraway Food Storage Set adds yet another layer of esthetically pleasing kitchenware to your arsenal, providing you with a neat and clean way to store leftover foods, sauces, dips, and other items. As you’d expect from the DTC brand, the new Caraway containers come in gorgeous neutral colors. They even come with their own modular storage rack so that they never clutter up your cupboards or countertops.

The 14-piece set is offered in some of the brand’s most notable shades including Perracotta, Sage, Mist, and Navy, and comes in five sizes that are optimal for food storage. This means that you can mix and match it with your existing Caraway cookware to create a collection all your own.

That said, there’s got to be a few things more satisfying than cooking or baking your favorite foods in Caraway’s gorgeous ceramic cookware and bakeware and then being able to store it in their color-coordinating storage containers, right? Speaking of colors, the hues of these storage containers are so beautiful, in fact, that they may even be a bit too perfect for your leftover lasagna.

carway Storage Container Set Stacked

Caraway Storage Containers

The best part is that each piece of Caraway’s new line is made from non-toxic materials and also comes with convenient magnetic storage organizers to keep them neatly in your cabinets when they’re not in use.

After the huge success of its best-selling cookware set, Caraway has begun to fully lean into its position as a direct-to-consumer home goods and cookware brand, expanding its product selection into linens and bakeware over the past few months. In September 2021, the brand dropped its first line of bakeware. And in August of this year, they released a thoughtfully-designed whistling tea kettle, which like all of their products, was made with materials designed for safe water consumption.

Those familiar with the Caraway brand can take comfort in the fact that their products are “made without any toxic materials like PFAS, PTFE, PFOA, or other hard-to-pronounce chemicals.” This important tidbit means consumers can buy kitchenware without worrying about “harmful chemicals leaching into [their] food.”

No matter if you’re already a Caraway customer, or still getting familiar with the brand, these new storage containers are definitely worth checking out.

caraway storage container set

Perracotta storage set