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Upgrade Your Cake (and Cookie!) Decorating Skills With This $13 Icing Pencil

* Start decorating any of your desserts with ease
* Save time and money by avoiding grocery stores and bakeries
* This affordable decorating tool is ideal for avid chefs and beginners alike

There have been far too many instances and viral social media moments where people go to pick up a cake or dessert for a special occasion and it’s not what was expected. At all. Although hilarious, it’s unfortunate that time and money was wasted when it should have been done right in the first place.

For those of you who love baking, whether it be cakes, cookies or other decadent desserts, you may want to invest in a special decorating tool. For only $15, you get this handy decorating “pencil” (literally) that assists you in precise icing that looks great every time.

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Using this icing pencil is a piece of cake…pun intended. Simply melt your desired icing or chocolate so it is liquefied enough to be considered pretty runny; it won’t work if it’s too thick. Insert the tip of the tool into the melted topping and pull up on the eraser end of the pencil to suck the liquid up. Finally, squeeze the bottom of the pencil near the open end to get your decorating started.

If you find yourself decorating often or want to give it more of a chance, spending under $15 on this tool may be the best investment you could make and an excellent addition to your kitchen. It’s great to have on hand for parties too.

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