Chill Out: You Can’t Go Camping Without These 5 Insulated Beer Koozies

Coleman Beer bottle koozie
Courtesy of Coleman

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* Because nobody has time for warm beer
* The coolest koozies with double-walled insulation for cans and bottles while camping
* Fits 12 to 25 ounces of your favorite brews

The modern man knows that there are some things in life you can’t compromise on. A cold brew is high up on that list. There is not much worse than when you crack open your beer for a tailgating party or when you finally make it to your camping spot and your beer becomes warm in your hand after not too long in the hot sunshine. So, beer snobs and micro-brew enthusiasts know that investing in a portable koozie for the road is a must. We rounded up five of the best stainless steel double-walled insulated can and bottle coolers that promise to chill out your beverage for hours—no matter what adventure you find yourself on.

1. Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Koozie

This camo-clad koozie is a two-in-one design that accommodates both glass bottle beers and ciders as well as 12-ounce cans. Simply twist on the cap that suits your drink and you will have a cold beer for hours. Make sure to check out the top of the glass bottle lid for its handy bottle-opener integrated into the design.

Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Koozie Courtesy of Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon


2. Yeti Rambler Koozie

Yeti has made a name for itself in the outdoor cooler world as they produce high-quality and arguably invincible products. Their little Yeti koozies are no different and although they may cost you a bit more than the average design, they are sure to withstand a lifestyle on-the-go. Their No-Sweat feature means that your hands will never be damp or get frostbitten from holding the koozie. Look for the stash spot in the included Yeti can that comes inside, which makes for a great place to hold your valuables while drinking and indulging.

Yeti Rambler Koozie Courtesy of Amazon

3. Coleman Beer Can Insulator

This double-walled insulated koozie will hold your beer tightly in its place so no spills can occur. It also has a grippy exterior (100% BPA free) for a no-slip design and a padded bottom so there is no clanking when putting it down. It comes in a handful of neutral colorways for the laid-back outdoorsmen who wants all function and no frill.

Coleman Beer Can Insulator Courtesy of Amazon

4. BrüMate Insulated Can Cooler

We love this super-sized Hopsulater koozie designed for 24- and 25-ounce cans. For those who take their brews seriously and don’t want to mess around with the 12-ounce standard cans, this makes for an awesome gift. The integrated copper layer is said to keep drinks 20 times colder than a standard neoprene can cooler and the sweat-free exterior ensures no moisture is expelled from within or collected on the outside, so, no sweaty hands or water rings left on the table.

BrüMate Insulated Can Cooler Courtesy of Amazon

5. Tahoe Trails Stainless Steel Can Cooler

These vibrantly-colored and powder-coated insulator koozies make for fantastic party favors for big events. Priced at a reasonable $14, you can get your friends and family each set up with one of these double-walled insulated cans, and with a ton of neon color options, you will never pick up a beer that isn’t yours again.

Tahoe Trails Stainless Steel Can Cooler Courtesy of Amazon

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